What is...
     Heavenís Stepping Stones?

Heavenís Stepping Stones is a global piece of art:

  • Between the two islands of the Diomedes in the
    Bering Strait, a monument 144 meters high will
    extend its spire heavenward;
  • The shaft will, 4 meters from the tip. hold a golden
    discus, a lotus blossom with 1000 petals. each
    bearing a name of the Divine Mother, whose
    embodiment is our Mother Earth.
  • This totem of humanity embodies the essential
    nature of the human species: the urge for peace
    among all peoples of good will.

  The Golden
   Discus Ring


Heavenís Stepping Stones is a global process:

  • The one meter golden discus will be fashioned in
    1000 petals and carries by the artist to gain the
    blessings of:
    - the leaders of the indigenous peoples of the world;
    - the  holders of the religious-spiritual traditions;
    - the heads of State.
  • After a visual and written record of the above
    pilgrimage has been assembled, there will follow
    a world wide tour to present Heavenís Stepping
    Stones and the fruits of the pilgrimage:
    - at museums,
    - media events and
    - gatherings all over the world.
  • It is vital that the golden discus receive the prayers
    and intention of as many of our human family as
    possible, for it is the infusion of the highest
    aspirations of humanity into this single sacred
    object that will create a thrill in the cosmos and
    irresistibly invite Heaven to Earth.

   Heavenís Stepping Stones...

  What is Heavenís Stepping Stones?
  What is the purpose of Heavenís Stepping Stones?
  Exactly, how will this project influence Dharma?
  How will the project be accomplished?
  How is AR>T funding Heavenís Stepping Stones?
  Who is the artist of Heavenís Stepping Stones?



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