How will the project
   be accomplished?

  1. The AR<T Foundation will gather donations to create the 1000 petaled lotus, each petal engraved with a name of the Divine Mother.
  2. The artist will take the golden discus on a pilgrimage and tour to gather the prayers and support of humanity for this historic project.
  3. The interest generated across the globe will, it is hoped, bring both the United States and Russia to release the Diomedes into a zone beyond date, thereby returning it to its original state before the human invention of time. Moreover, the AR<T Foundation hopes the Diomedes will also be returned to humanity, to a state of not being owned by any nation, but, as it were, by Mother Earth herself.
  4. The spire, a twisting conical pylon anchored into the ocean floor, will be built and erected, through the agency of donated moneys, between the two Diomede islands, with the golden discus set like a jewel just 4 meters from its tip. rising 144 meters from the waters of the Bering Strait.

Thus, this global project fulfills itself once the governments of Russia and the United States relinquish two of the main human constructs—time and ownership—and thereby open up a seam in the synthetic cloak we have woven that separated Heaven and Earth. Then can the golden discus of humanity’s highest aspirations be raised and the divine energies can be conducted gracefully to a race of seekers after peace.

   Heaven’s Stepping Stones...

  What is Heaven’s Stepping Stones?
  What is the purpose of Heaven’s Stepping Stones?
  Exactly, how will this project influence Dharma?
  How will the project be accomplished?
  How is AR>T funding Heaven’s Stepping Stones?
  Who is the artist of Heaven’s Stepping Stones?



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