The Golden Discus Ring setting upon it shaft in the bering Strait


In this time when the second millennium shifts into the third, a time which has been widely prophesied as a golden age of peace, the promise of Heaven on Earth grows ever more poignant in the human heart.  This watershed time we live in asks for the unification of human hope and altruism.

The promise of human unity comes precisely when the diverse dangers presented by a a human race invested in ownership and short-term pleasure have created unprecedented concerns of global magnitude.  The Earth, clothed in beauty and providing abundance for all creatures, is understandably often characterized as a mother.  But—given the environmental disregard, the deforestation, the poisoning of our waters, the ozone depletion, coupled with an ever-expanding human population—our mother, the Earth, is not being respected, for the delicate web of life she has woven is in danger.*


But it’s bigger than that. Everything is in perfect order. There is no need for self-indulging doom and gloom introspection. We were not created to live perfect lives. We were actually created to deface our medium, just as an artist defaces his canvas, paper or stone. The truth of it is, we were not even created. We are just a personification of the leading edge of an Ar<tist, who is in the process of creating itself by reaching into the void in an attempt to touch, feel and lure into its conscious awareness a greater truth or reality of whom it might or will be. This Ar<tist, in the process of birthing, IS the leading edge of THIS VOID wishing to be consciously aware of it’s true nature—thus, it reaches into itself from what it perceives itself to be and we are its finger tips.

So, in an attempt in presenting this work of AR<T, I will be speaking out of two sides of my mouth. I will speak with a forked tongue. I will be using words like “Heaven on Earth,” “ Best Possible Outcome” and “Peace Project” which thrill the ego and make the understanding ,of something extreamly abstract, somewhat understandable from the common point of view. I will also use fictitious words like “leading edge,” as if there was an edge to this non-thing. “Life is an illusion,” say the wise. I do not disagree, but I think the choice of these words tend to leave one empty and blank. I prefer to say, “Life is an analogy, or symbolic, of what’s really going on, but it’s hard to read its language.” Our nature is to latch onto the object of our senses as real, rather than to see it as speaking.

This web page is designed to present and raise support for the conceptual work of Ar<t “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

The highest yearnings of a beleaguered humanity require concrete assistance in every avenue of its endeavor.

In the realm of art, HEAVEN’S STEPPING STONES, a conceptual piece of global significance and utility, stands at the ready for fulfilling the great promise of uniting Heaven and Earth.

While initially the vision of a single person, it will take the best of humanity to realize this monument to the descent of heavenly peace.*

I am often asked by professional fund raisers, “Who is your audience? To whom are you speaking? Your not going to be effective, if you do not define your audience.”

I am speaking only to one—the One that contains them all. Do you not see that you are that One? Can you grasp those words? Those specific words, directed only to you, do not come from a “forked tongue.” They are not “doublespeak” designed to disguise or distort their actual meaning—as to not undermine the common, yet tenuous grasp of reality. I will gladly sacrifice the understanding and support of the masses, for the understanding and support of the One. But I will not sacrifice the One; the One who might actually understand the profundity of this piece, just to gather the many that is needed to realize the physical objectives or symbolic power of this piece. I am counting on Divine Grace for that.

*The sweet words that are italicized represent
  the original introduction, written by the poet
  William Howell. They remind me of the
  Impressionist landscapes of Monet.

 The thick-bordered, upright words are by
  Hada. They remind me of the sharp, jagged,
  fully committed brushstrokes 0f the cubist

Updated, March 2006

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