Exactly, how will...

this project influence Dharma?

AR<T will attempt to influence Dharma through the use of Ceremony, or Shamanic Act and an effect similar to Super Radiance.

A transition is coming, there’s no doubt about it. But what humanity is transposing into is not that certain. There also may be many alternate realities or levels of consciousness individuals may have available to them. It is our intent to influence this shift, under the supreme direction of Dharma, into manifesting the highest possible creation and inviting us to step into that heavenly universe taking all those we love.

The Artist creates and then steps into his creation.

Modern science finally understands the Invincibility of Natural Law (i.e., the Artist creates and then steps into his creation). The ancient ones knew these laws and lived by them. Their Holy men knew that through ceremony, or shamanic act, they could influence the quantum foam  that underlies and creates what we call the so-called “real world.”

On the level of quantum foam, reality appears to be boiling—constantly expanding and collapsing—manifesting into possible abstractions and then dissolving back into obscurity. At this fundamental scale, all fundamental forces and particles are united as a single self-interacting unified field. On this level the observer and the observed create a reality through their identification with each other. The act of ceremony, or the shamanic act (foolishly written-of by many peoples, as at best, a hoax) actually influences the reality observed, though the symbols utilized, enlivening potential realities not yet expressed by the fundamental field into becoming concrete realities. Quantum foam (the fundamental field) is like a boiling of infinite black holes each latent with all possibilities. Intention is the catalyst that directs the unlimited energy available directly into the vortex of one or more of these boiling bubbles, or black holes, creating a collapse (condensing) of itself into a point of knowing or manifest reality.

One highly evolved individual could certainly change the weather avert enemies etc. by individual ceremony or a shamanic act, but to enliven Dharma at this critical time in our evolution would, from my point of view, require a multitude of intention— a united front, so to speak of the entirety of those desiring to create such a Heavenly reality. There has been much research proving, without a doubt, that a collective group has this kind of power. One such group that has been assembled over time is the Super Radiance groups gathered by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to avert the dangers that have not come. Over forty scientific studies, published in prestigious journals, have proven that if a “given” number of persons practicing advanced Transcendental Meditation techniques in a given population, crime, unemployment, weather and all other statistically available observations will improve by at least twenty percent. Large prayer groups have had miraculous results. And everyone knows that it’s very hard to beat a team (sports) in there own hometown due to the collective consciousness massed in the stands.

   Heaven’s Stepping Stones...

  What is Heaven’s Stepping Stones?
  What is the purpose of Heaven’s Stepping Stones?
  Exactly, how will this project influence Dharma?
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