Natural Law is Invincible

Principals of
Invincibility in Nature

Natural Law is invincible. The laws of nature governing the universe are omnipresent (translationally invariant) eternal (time translationally invariant) and inviolable. They apply equally and without exception to every particle and every system in the inconceivably vast expanse of the ever-expanding universe. The five theories expressed below presents the fundamental principals of invincibility in nature, as revealed by the cutting-edge disciplines of Quantum Measurement Theory, Nonlinear Systems Theory, Quantum Gravity and Superstring Theory.

Compiled by:
Dr. John Haglin, Quantum Physicist

1. Quantum Measurement Theory:

The process of measurement results in a coupling of wave functions, and resulting unification, of the observer and the observed.

The modern understanding and analysis of the quantum measurement process entail the coupling of the wave function (or density matrix) of the observed quantum mechanical system with the wave function of the observing apparatus, to form a single, combined wave function. This combined wave function, in the approximation of infinite degrees of freedom, undergoes spontaneous “deconstruction” from a quantum-mechanical superposition to a classical admixture.

2. Quantum Measurement Theory:

The act of observation influences the system being observed, and in particular, enlivens properties of the system that were formerly latent—i.e., potential properties.

The classical measurement of a property of a quantum mechanical system (i.e., electron’s position) always yields a definite classical result. However, prior to the measurement, one can rigorously show that the electron had no such classical value (i.e., no definite position, as in the case of an electron wave function, which is spatially non-local). Therefore, the measurement process enlivens potential properties of a system (i.e., position) that were previously unexpressed.

3. Quantum Measurement Theory:

The act of observing increases order in the system being observed.

The process of observation causes a negative semi-definite change in the quantum mechanical entropy of the density matrix of the observed system.

4. Nonlinear Dynamical System Theory:

Nonlinear Dynamical System Theory or Chaos Theory rigorously establishes that even small changes in human behavior can lead to marked changes in the weather.

The nonlinear coupled partial differential equations governing the weather have shown to satisfy the conditions for chaotic behavior, meaning that weather patterns are acutely sensitive to even minute changes in initial conditions. This acute sensitivity7 has become popularly known as the Butterfly Effect, because even the motion of a butterfly wing can, and will, over a period of several weeks, precipate a major storm or hurricane—or can similarly prevent such an event.


5. Quantum Gravity and Super String Theory:

Command over gravity implies a command over the unified field of all the laws of nature—nature’s supreme administering intelligence.

Fifty years of rigorous exploration into quantization of the gravitational force have established that gravity is inconsistent as an isolated force. Only unified quantum field theories, and superstring theory in particular, provide mathematically consistent theory of the gravitational force. According to these theories, at a fundamental scale, gravity is inseparably united with all fundamental forces and particles as a single, self-interacting unified field.

Mastery of the classic laws of Newtonian gravity and Einstein’s General Relativity requires access to more fundamental gravitational principals—specifically, the ability to function at the level of quantum gravity. But we have seen, at the level of quantum gravity, the level of super-unification, gravity is united with all the other forces and matter fields. Command over gravity therefore implies command over the unified field of all the laws of nature—the supreme administrative intelligence of the universe, which maintains order throughout the ever-expanding universe.


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