To Indiginous People

The Pilgrimage:

To the Indiginous Peoples,
Religions & Heads of State

This gift, our symbol of intent, will first undergo an intense purification in the form of a pilgrimage in order to become truly qualified as a gift to Heaven.

The Golden
Discus Ring

Our Symbol
of Intent


This stage of unfoldment of Heaven’s Stepping Stones was realized when we knew that the only gift that would send a thrill through Heaven would be the prerequisite of its own descent—the one pointed intent of Humanity. This led to the idea of taking this gift—a Golden Discus Ring, a thousand petal lotus with one of the thousand names of our Divine Mother inscribed on each petal—on a great all encompassing pilgrimage to the people of this Earth. We would ask for their blessings and darshan before placing the totem upon its pole. At this time, it became obvious that this pilgrimage—this gathering of the one pointed intent of Humanity around a sacred object adorned by the many names of our Divine Mother—was the power of the piece.

We then realized the gathering of Humanities Intent itself should be divided into two stages. The first being “The Pilgrimage” and the second being “The World Tour.”

The first stage which we now call “The Pilgrimage,” limits the the gathering of intent to:

  • the leaders of the indigenous peoples
      of the world;
  • the holders of the religious-spiritual
  • the heads of State in all countries
      of the world.

Another words, the first stage presents Heaven’s Stepping Stones to those that lead us and this stage will be fully documented.

The second stage, which we now call “The World Tour,” would presents the full documentation of “The Pilgrimage,” the first stage:

  • at museums,
  • media events and
  • gatherings all over the world.

Thus, allowing all of Humanity to express its intent into the Golden Discus Ring through individual expression and small group ceremonies until the Ring is fully saturated.

In the future

Look to this page for:

  • A Calendar of upcoming Pilgrimages
  • Photos and written documentation of past Pilgrimages



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