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Chartaka Arrives
                     in Portugal

Hada and Hadani arrived in Portugal on March 6th 2003.

To declare their presence to the presiding deities and the sacred powers of Portugal and to the “Titan Grid” of Europe, they performed a ceremony at “Cruz Alta”—the high point of “Serra de Sintra.”

Sintra is the most sacred mountain in Portugal. Cruz Alta literally means “High Cross.” A stone cross, held together by large iron rods once stood at this high point. About fifteen years ago lighting hit the cross and blew it apart. All that remains of the old cross is its rough-hewed base, which was made up of four stones with a square hole left in the center where the stones converge.

In the distance: “Palácio da Pena”

This hole, which originally held Cruz Alta, was readied for Hada’s staff—Chartaka—by filling it with soil from the forest floor of the mountain.  After Chartaka was placed, three small stones centered it within the square hole.


The twisting snake-like center section of Chartaka closely resembles the curved forms of the stone cross, suggesting a strong compatibility, or even destiny, between the ancient cross and the staff.


The ceremony took place on March 22nd, the first full day of Spring. Interestingly, the day before, when the energy of the completing cycle closed (winter)and the new cycle opened (spring), Hada & Hadani opened a banking account in Portugal and exchanged their currency, Dollar for Euro, releasing the energy of the past for the energy of the new.

Entering “Parque da Pena” (a park dedicated to the preservation of Serra de Sintra’s most sacred region), the Eight—Hada & Hadani and six new friends in heart—went to a cave and Hada put Chartaka together.

Hada spoke about the staff relating it to the “Spear of Longinus.” He also expounded on its proportions and the geometry of the “Rechel Dynamic,” specifically the “Aeriopax.” He told stories of the feathers and the piercing pegs which are bound to the staff.  He told how he had hung from the tree at a Lokota Sundance Ceremony for Chartaka. When he felt enough was said, they proceeded up the mountain. 

Stopping now and then at sacred sites, Hada & Hadani became initiated to the sacredness of Serra de Sintra.  At one site shaped like an eye,  the Eight held hands around an octagon table representing the eye’s iris and Hadani sang the Mahamantra “Mrityunjaya.”

Mrityunjayamantra is a powerful healing mantra which is sung to Lord Shiva.  It asks for deliverance from death (both premature death in this physical world and from the never-ending cycles of deaths due to rebirth) for the sake of Moshya (Nirvana or final emancipation from rebirth). 

When the Eight finally reached the high place “Cruz Alta,” all,  but Hada, went and prepared the base where the old cross once stood. Hada then walked a spiral path the best he could through boulders and  paths and then mounted the stone base of the old cross. Standing on the four stones making up its base he felt rather dimensionless.  Like usual, when starting a ceremony, Hada’s mind went blank.  He was awe struck with the view and the energy he felt. He had just come from the mountains of Colorado USA, 14,000 feet above sea level, and here on top of a little mountain some 1,740 feet above sea level he felt like he was on top of the whole world.

Gathering his composure, he pointed his staff toward the four directions blew his Eagle bone whistle and praying to the Grandfathers of those directions for support and acceptance.

He then pointed Chartaka toward Grandfather Sky and prayed for the same.

Then after pausing 3 or 4 times, he plunged Chartaka into the fertile earth of Sintra’s forest that filled the void left in the base of “Cruz Alta ,” the old cross.  Standing relaxed alongside the planted staff he felt himself accepted by the mountain.

Hada climbed down on all fours, imitating a bear to complete the symbolization of one of Hada’s names—“Walks the Spiral Path of the Bear.” Hadani tied a feather of the Nation bird of Portugal, the “Rooster,” onto Chartaka.  Hada wrapped “White Flow,” the robe of a spirit wolf around the base of Chartaka protecting it as he has since Chartaka’s creation. Hada also placed his “C’anupa” (sacred pipe) next to White Flow.  Then all were invited to hold Chartaka breathing their spirit into the staff.

It is interesting to note there were 5 men and 3 women present.  A nice correlation presented itself between the men and the Grandfathers of the four directions and Grandfather Sky, and the women and Mother Earth, the Grandmother that fills all that is within and She, the Grandmother that fills all that appears to be outside.

The ceremony completed late in the day. At a point, while Hada was praying to the directions and Father Sky, two holes opened like eyes, low in the clouded sky, and the gaze of the Sun blessed the land with its rays.

One month later...

Hada & Hadani had been listening to readings of the great Indian epic the “Ramayana” in which Rama, a reincarnation of Vishnu, must destroy “Ravana,” king of the demons, to create peace in the world. Many weapons of Divine power are brought into play as Rama pursues his quest. One night after listening to a few contos (chapters), Hada awoke from his sleep and feeling like he was still hearing the words of the Ramayana, he heard that one weapon was far greater than them all. That it existed not in the celestial worlds, as one might imagine, but in a world of opposites.  He heard that this great weapon’s power lie in its beauty—visually, geometrically and of purpose. Hada was very intrigued... And then he heard that this weapon was “Chartaka.” He was not surprised, really, but he was rather elevated into a lofty sensation of  awe.  He then saw that he had placed a great weapon of light into the right hand of “Titan,” the grid energy operating the “Flower of Life” grid of Europe when he planted Chartaka at Cruz Alta on Serra de Sintra.  Greatly pleased, Hada made an even greater dedication to his quest as it unfolds to him.  This inner speaking or vision gave him the support he needed in this difficult time of uncertainty in his and Hadani’s life.

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