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In late November, 1989, a Russian named Joseph Golden, presented “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Happily responding to the presentation, Maharishiji repeatedly exclaimed, “Beautiful... Beautiful.” As the presentation was coming to a close, Maharishiji enthusiastically inquired, “Are they really doing that?... or is it just a proposal?”

This auspicious proposal, which directly addresses Maharishiji’s powerful prediction concerning “ The Creation of Heaven on Earth,” will indeed become a reality.

In order to help finance the initial stages of this work of art—which includes the creation of The Golden Discus Ring, its global pilgrimage and world exposition“Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ One Thousand Mother Divine” was created.


We strongly believe that one thousand women presently living upon this Earth are destined to be associated with the One Thousand Names of Mother Divine presented in this work of art.

These Distinguished Women will facilitate the birth of this timely work of art by making, or inspiring, one thousand donations which will be given in their name.

Each woman’s name will be associated with a Mother Divine name from any tradition of her choice. It is our intention to not judge the merits of any given name. We leave the unfoldment of the names to Divine guidance. At every appropriate opportunity, including expositions of “The Golden Discus Ring,” and in catalogues prepared for Heaven’s Stepping Stones, the two inter linked names will be honored.

In addition, each woman will also receive a precious gift in the form of the lotus petal, which carries her Mother Divine name within “The Golden Discus Ring.” This petal will be an exact copy of the original, cast in pure gold, and will be mounted in such a way that it may be worn in direct alignment with the woman’s heart.

The following criteria exist for The First Category...

  • The minimum donation is ten thousand US dollars ($10,000).
  • The donation must be made in a woman’s name.
  • The woman must be living.
  • The woman must provide her written consent.
  • If the woman is under thirteen years of age, her parents must give their consent in writing.

Donors may adopt a name of Mother Divine based upon:

  • The availability of the desired name.
  • The donation being paid in full or financial arrangements made.


In order to expedite the creation of The Golden Discus Ring and the creation of one thousand gifts to “Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ One Thousand Mother Divine,” all the moneys received in this category will be converted into pure gold to be used in the casting of the two thousand lotus petals.

This category is for men. Each man will receive a beautiful gift in the form of a “hollow” golden lotus petal, mounted in such a way that it may be worn in direct alignment with his heart. The emptiness of this petal will symbolize that man/mankind, standing alone, is nothing more than an empty shell and this "give away" of the petal’s golden mass towards The Golden Discus Ring and “Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ One Thousand Mother Divine,” is a prayer for full-fill-ment.

  • The minimum donation in this category is one thousand US dollars ($1,000) or that value in pure gold certified .999 fine. 


The entire project is based on donations, and AR<T. Foundation appreciates the participation of every individual, no matter how small the contribution, as pledges or donations of time and financial resources...

ART REALIZED FROM TOTALITY has been recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt, 501(C)(3), charitable organization. All donations given or made payable to “Art Realized from Totality” will receive tax-exempt status as acceptable by law.



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