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Myth Keepers:
Hada & Hadani


Artists of
   “Heaven’s Stepping Stones”
A living
     Conceptual Art Work

by Susanne Frazier

New paradyns begin with an idea. When people carry the new idea to the rest of humanity, then a perceptual shift may take place. Artists have always carried their visions on the wings of their art. Hada and Hadani have a vision which encompasses the concepts of “no time” and “no ownership” from which they have constructed a conceptual work of art call “Heaven's Stepping Stones.”  Here is their story.

The Myth Keepers

In Crestone live two “Myth Keepers” named Hada and Hadani. Hada means “bestower of abandonment.” And Hadani means “the breath of the bestower of abandonment.” Hada, with the support of his wife, Hadani, has made a commitment to bring to fruition a living myth.

The Myth is very simple:

There once was a man and a woman who lived in Crestone who held a dream of bringing Heaven to Earth so that all beings could live in “heavenly peace.”

They became aware of a way to ask Heaven to descend to Earth. They traveled all over the Earth asking people for their prayers, intentions and blessings. When they had received all of these from all the peoples of the Earth, they went to a designated place of “no time and no ownership” and placed the symbol of all the prayers, intentions and blessings before Heaven. With this act, Heaven descended to Earth.

“Ours is an impossible dream.  It doesn’t matter what the actual outcome of all of our effort really is,” Hadani relates. “What matters is that we remain firm to the commitment.  That is all.”

The Journey Begins

Hada began his odyssey in 1983 in Fairfield, Iowa, when he married Hadani.  At that time they had other names and other life goals.  It was the act of marrying Hadani that sparked the dream in Hada.

As a result of his journey toward becoming the best man for the husband of Hadani, Hada felt he needed to kill his ego.  In this effort, Hada, an internationally known artist and university professor known as Don Potts, destroyed a major work of art worth over $.5 million.  In the process, he destroyed their financial security and their life as they knew it.

I didn’t destroy my ego, as I thought I would,” Hada continues.  “But I did change our life.  I emptied my cup so that it could fill up again.  I received my name, Hada, in a dream. And I began to reevaluate my life from a new point-of view.  As a result, the idea of inviting Heaven to Earth began to emerge.  This evolution of my being created a byproduct which is manifesting in a conceptual work of art called Heavens Stepping Stones.”

Hada elaborates, “This conceptual art project, Heavens Stepping Stones, is beyond an individual accomphishment.   In some ways it is beyond our understanding.  That is why it is a myth.  It is impossible. But it can be made possible. We are just the “Keepers of the Myth.” And we will keep making this myth available until life takes us, or until we have succeeded.

“Before I could begin this project, I felt I had to be tested to see if I really should be a “Myth Keeper.”  I turned to the indigenous people of this land, and found a true test in the Sundance of the Lakota,” Hada says.  “Instead of talking, I had to walk my talk. “I had to find out if the Divine would support us in this monumental attempt.  I found my answer.”

Heaven’s Stepping Stones

Heaven’s Stepping Stones begins with the concept that we all live on this beautiful Planet Earth who is the beautiful young daughter of the Universe.

“Our ancestors clothed her naked body with a multitude of concepts, two of which are very dear to us: time and ownership.” Hada continues.  “Weaving these concepts, we have convinced ourselves that Earth is ours and for our time alone. So we think our ownership of Earth gives us the right to do anything we want, even destroy her.  We have forgotten that Earth is our mother and the daughter of the Heavens.”

The actual work of art which Hada and Hadani hope to create to express the intention of asking for Heaven’s descent to Earth will be located at an underwater reef between the Diomedes Islands in the Bering Strait.

Between these two islands, which are only 4 kilometers apart, mankind has drawn a conceptual line which separates on island into the Western Hemisphere and the other island into the Eastern Hemisphere.  This line, known as the International Date Line, designates one island as today and the other as tomorrow.  Or, one island as today and the other island as yesterday. The eastern island, named Little Diomede, owned by the United States, is the western frontier of Alaska. The western island, named Big Diomede, owned by Russia, is the eastern frontier of Siberia. These two island poised between a line of time and a line of ownership are the stepping stones for Heaven’s descent.

With their public-supported foundation called AR<T (Art Realized from Totality), Hada and Hadani will ask the governments of both Russia and the United States to relinquish ownership of each island. Then, within a 24 kilometer radius around the two islands, AR<T Foundation will ask world to recognize the non ownership of these islands.  In this way, one small portion of the Earth will no longer be encumbered with the concept of “ownership.”

AR<T Foundation will then ask both countries for support in petitioning the International Community to remove all impositions of time within the 24 kilometer circle around the islands. Thus, in one small section of the Earth, time will no longer exist.

“What we are doing here is opening a seam in Earth’s conceptual cloak and abandoning two of our most highly prized concepts:  time and ownership,”  Hada summarizes.  “The result will be to reconnect a portion of the Earth to its rightful owner—the Cosmos.  And in so doing , we will create a corridor from high in our atmosphere to deep into the center of the  earth, 24 kilometers in diameter, in which Heaven descends to Earth.”

We will be creating a great tree of life, “Hadani adds.  “Heaven will be the foliage. The corridor is the trunk, the earth its roots.”

After the relinquishment of time and ownership has been acknowledged by the International Community and written into National and International Books of Law, then the AR<T Foundation will construct a large conical shaft rising out of the reef between the islands to a height of 144 meters.

“This conical shaft will be a totemic object meant to carry the symbol of our intent to the Heavens,”  Hada adds.  “This structure, adorned with its timely gift to Heaven, will constitute a monument that will take the concepts of freedom and liberty, which the Statue of Liberty emulates, to it ultimate conclusion. We will create “A Monument to Heavenly Peace.” And this conceptual free zone will be called Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

“On the top of shaft, just 2.5 meters below the tip, a Golden Discus Ring will be placed radiating out approximately 50 centimeters. This ring is a thousand petaled lotus, with each petal bearing an individual name of the Divine Mother, whose embodiment is our Mother Earth, “Hada continues. “The central hole in the ring will symbolize the “giveaway” of our habit of imposing our concepts of time and ownership on the rest of Humanity.”

Hada goes on to add, “The outward-radiation forms will represent the expansion of trust created by this “giveaway”, and in turn will symbolize the spread of “Heavenly Peace” to all the peoples of the world.”

Before the Golden Ring is placed at the pinnacle of the spiraling pole, Hada and Hadani will carry this symbol on a worldwide pilgrimage, asking for prayers, intentions and blessings from all people, until it is saturated wit the one-pointed intent of Humanity.

“When the infusion of prayer energy, of the highest intentions of all the peoples of the world, is completed, then the Golden Ring will truly qualify as a gift to Heaven,” Hada continues. “With this act of placing the Golden Ring at the top of the shaft, Humanity will fulfill the great promise of uniting Heaven and Earth. Heaven’s Stepping Stones will act as a church spire so that he highest aspirations of an aspiring humanity can rise heavenward.  Heaven will surely descend into this newly created corridor and reunite with its beautiful innocent daughter, Earth. Then, inspired by our selfless gift, Heaven will certainly bestow on us a Golden Age.”

Hada’s and Hadani’s work has just begun.

“I see myself at the oars of this boat called Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” says Hada, “with Hadani at the helm guiding me through a pilgrimage which I hope takes us to the Diomede Islands in the Bearing Strait. As our entwined names say, we are bestowers of abandonment.  I hope the world accepts our request to abandon the concepts of time and ownership in one small circle on this planet.

If Humanity takes up this request and carries it to fruition, then we will have taken the first step towards what is most dear to all of us. Heavenly Peace.

Art Realized From Totality

While Heaven’s Stepping Stones is the vision of a unified couple, it will take the best of humanity to realized this monumental effort into existence. At the present moment, Hada and Hadani, through the AR<T Foundation, are gathering together enough funds and donation of gold to create the gold 1000 petaled lotus to be inscribed with the 1000 names of the Divine Mother.  Art Realized from Totality (AR<T) Foundation has received its 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status, so any donations are tax deductible.

“Based on the expanding friendliness which is developing upon this Earth, we feel the time has come for this simple yet monumental work of art to be created.  The world longs for such a collaborative “giveaway,”  Hada summarizes.  “Heaven’s Stepping Stones represents two monumental steps in the awakening of the child we call Humanity.”


Suzanne Frazier




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