Flu virus

Why should DNA put on one mask
to succumb to the flu virus
and another to rush in
and destroy it?

Taken from:

The Autobiographical Account of

 “Man Becoming Elephant”

    The above question was presented by Dr. Deepak Chopra, in his highly accredited book entitled: “Quantum Healing.”


 Bantam Books, page 262.

    Continuing, Dr. Chopra states, “No one has answered this profound question, but it must have its logic in the whole scheme of life, the larger drama enacted by all the DNA in the world. I can make a speculation that we are watching DNA enrich life by adding as many variations as can possibly exist on one planet.”

    The following is an answer to that question presented from an artist point of view. A point of view often over looked in science’s golden age .

When an expanded notion of Self...

    “Self,” is that singularity of existence that exists beyond all notions of time, space or ownership. It is perfect, complete and whole. It is not mixed but pure. It is not limited, nor conditional and is completely unrestricted. It exists in and by itself, without relation to anything else.

    “Self” is the “absolute” reality. It itself is “pure intelligence“—an intelligence so complete and blissful it does not require a “conscious awareness” of itself to be fulfilled. Yet this completely unrestricted intelligence has given rise to “Self consciousness.” One could correctly say that this intelligence has, “in time,” become intelligent.

    “An expanded notion of Self,” on the other hand, is an up to date, state of the art, “display” of the unfoldment of unbounded intelligence by the intelligent. Be it manifest as subtle thought, faint emotion or gross matter, it is an undeniable fact that all things perceived, including consciousness itself, are “notions” of that singularity of existence—“Self.” Although “Self” itself exists beyond all these “impure notions” and cannot be perceived (impure because of their inherent incomplete and infinitely expansive nature), its developing “display” is quite perceivable to the intelligent.

is presented to the Self...

    Although “Self” in its pure state, being blissfully complete and totally unconscious of itself, is inertially cold, and beyond all presentations, the “intelligent notion or display of that Self,” by its own nature, passionately desires propitious presentations.

and an aspect of the Self does not caress or give way to this new notion of Self...

    A primary phenomenon known as “the coexistence of opposites” was created when “Pure Self,” became intelligent through the enlivenment of “Self consciousness.”

      Thus, on one hand, we had a “singularly pure, inertially cold, silently desireless and blissfully fulfilled Self,” and on the other, we had “a sequential series of, never ending, individual totalities actively displaying, through their heated desire to be fulfilled an infinitely developing notion of who in fact they holistically are.”

    When an “aspect of the Self,” an actively displayed individual totality, does not “caress” or “give way” to a “new notion of that Self”, a secondary phenomenon known as “duality” is then created.

    What follows is, on one hand we have “the coexistence of opposites,” the singular complete intelligence of “Self,” coexisting with a sequential display of individual developing totalities by the “intelligent Self,” and on the other, we have “the mistake of the intellect”—“Pragya aparadh” in Sanskrit—an aspect of “intelligent Self” ignoring “intelligence.”

    The “intelligent Self” of an individual developing totality, caught in the phenomenon known as “duality” is reduced to a “ignorant self” that has lost sight of the reality it holistically is. This unholistic or “unholy” self sees “reality” as the multi fold objects of perception rather than “a singular intelligence” displayed through these objects. Being caught in the objects of the senses the “ignorant self” mistakenly sees itself as an object separate from other objects and has great difficulty in progressing in its desire toward happiness and fulfillment.

 then a side effect is created.

    “An expanded notion of Self” is the “intelligent Self’s” only desire. This continually expanding notion of “Self” is, without a doubt, “Life’s only support system.” To consciously or unconsciously deny the presentation of “an expanded notion of Self,” to the “intelligent Self” is the suicidal tendency of the “ignorant self” which propagates mortality.

    This side effect is the creation of an illusory world that has as its reality the ghost image of what it was a moment ago—a situation known in Sanskrit known as Maya.

    In other words, an aspect of the “intelligent Self,” the “individual ego”, sets itself up as a “self” within a unrealistic, static reality rather than continuing on realistically and dynamically.

With this understanding, the source of “disease” can then be realistically perceived as the “intelligent Self” remaining “dynamic” within an ignorant notion of “Self,” by the “ignorant self,” that insists reality is merely “static.”

    Because matter is just a perception on our part and a momentary projection to a manifest point, “to view,” by the “intelligent Self,” I find it much more realistic to call the state of “things” and their relationship to one and another as a “speaking”—a point “to view, listen and learn from.”

Disease then, directly “speaks” to the mistake of the intellect, known in Sanskrit as “Pragya aparadh.” Disease is the continuing reappearing artifact that is produced when the “ego” holds on to the illusion called Maya.

    Yet I would rather not degrade disease by calling it a mere byproduct of incorrect perception; I would rather “honor it” by considering it “a profound work of art” by the greatest of masters—“intelligent Self.” After all, a great work of art is nothing less than “a great speaking.”

“Why should DNA put on one mask to succumb to the flu virus and another to rush in and destroy it?”

    Because the thing called the flu virus is a “speaking.” It speaks of new developments or notions of “Self.” And the thing called DNA also “speaks” It speaks of “unconditional love.”

First, DNA, the living symbol of the “unity” that under lies and also creates all the “diverse aspects” of that unity, “intelligent Self,” shows us that it is beyond all notions of opposites, all notions of an enemy, and all notions of fear.

    DNA has not succumbed to the flu virus. Those words, spoken from the point of view known as “duality,” have a “static” rather than a “dynamic” perspective. The reality is, DNA has actually opened its doors not only to its home but into its very own notion of Self. This first act, speaks to the primary nature of “intelligent Self.” This is an act of “unconditional love.”

Secondly, DNA shows us its more paradoxical nature—“intelligent Self” unfolding through the development of diversity.

    Since diversity is a dynamic unraveling or exposing, and because the speaking that we are talking about here takes place in the creation and extinction or action and reaction of “things,” we find ourselves clumsily viewing a dynamic reality from a more static point of view, i.e., that two things cannot occupy the same space at any given time.

DNA, the symbol of Self, speaks in this particular situation not only to the unconditional quality of its desire but also to its non attachment to the fruits of that desire.

    Attached love creates a “static” reality which is “false” and unhealthy; but exhibiting unconditional love, that remains “unattached” by its own definition, is having a true relationship with reality which propagates dynamic health. To rush in and destroy what it has just embraced is DNA’s way of speaking of its “detachment.”

These two acts, appearing to succumb then rushing in and destroying, are in reality but one act that appear from the perspective of the unenlightened, to be a paradox                 

    “Intelligent Self,” the artist whom is never overshadowed, simply has taken our linear way of looking at things as a medium for its own expression.

    DNA, not holding onto its present notion of Self, allows a new notion of Self—represented by the flu virus—to rush in and manipulate it to the point of destruction. Yet the flu virus has not really destroyed anything. At most, it has “metabolized” the greater past into the divers development of the new.

    Then, after the whole has given itself “unconditionally” to this new notion, it rushes in and “metabolizes” the new into the expanding wholeness of “intelligent Self” itself.

    This second act is extremely relevant to the “speaking.”

    Reflecting the “intelligent Self.” DNA remaining “unattached” to the objects of its senses, rushed in and “devoured” not only the flu virus but also the “the host” of that virus—a prior notion of itself—dynamically “metabolizing” one moment into the next. Thus DNA alerted the wholeness of its “intelligent Self” into the awareness of a new notion of “Self.”

    On the other hand, when DNA reflects an attached “ignorant self” and does not rush in and “successfully destroy” the virus, there is quite another speaking. A speaking called “disease” and we witness the all too familiar “environment of duality” known as “mortality.”

What is revealed here, in this powerful speaking, is the essence of an “environment” known to the “intelligent” as “immortality“—”the peaceful coexistence of opposites“—the “abode” of the “intelligent Self.”

One might ask, “Why would ‘intelligent Self’ bury its speaking so deeply in our reality?”

    The answer can be found within the meaning of the Sanskrit phrase or term, “The Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas.”

    “Rishi” is the knower. The knower of a notion of self, be it “intelligent Self” or “ignorant ego.” “Rishi” continually desires for a more complete notion of that self. “Devata” is the process which develops the known for the Rishi. “Chhandas” is the known. That which the knower, “intelligent Self” or “ignorant self,” knows. “Samhita” is the wholeness of “Rishi, Devata and Chhandas”—the “intelligent Self” itself.

    In our case, our every day reality is a very newly created “Chhandas.” A notion of “self” which has the potential of becoming, to the “intelligent Self,” a fulfilling new notion of its own “intelligence.”

For the known, a new notion of self, to be “truly” known within diversity, it must first caress itself as unique and complete—in other words, from the point of view of “duality”— before it could possibly see itself as part of a greater whole, as well as remaining unique and complete—from the point of view of “the coexistence of opposites.”

    When a child is still spending its complete existence with its mother it cannot think on its own, it will always rely on its mother to solve all of its problems. Only after the child has spent some time away from its mother can it act uniquely and independently within her presence.

    “Rishi,” in reality, is just the dynamic aspect of “Samhita” that knows. Each cycle, from “Rishi to Devata to Chhandas,” stops for a moment at “Chhandas” to establish the known, then after “the pause.” it immediately presents itself to the “Rishi” so “Samhita“—“intelligent Self”—will know. It is because of the purpose of “the pause,” the establishment of “the known,” that “intelligent Self” tucks away its “speaking.”

    Each “sequential speaking” or “unfoldment of knowledge” requires a “true understanding” or “establishment of the known” before it can allow itself to be uncovered. This is so the “ignorant” will not be deluded. In this way, the “Artist” always “speaks” to the level of understanding of his audience.

“Intelligent Self” is “The Artist” and “DNA” is the “Conceptual Work of Art“ of which “Thou Art.”

As I happily eat and metabolize the past, giving energy to the purpose of the present, my sole intention... is to live a life that merits to be eaten by the future.                                                                       

    “Oh wonderful, Oh wonderful, Oh wonderful! I am food (object), I am food, I am food! I am the eater of food (subject), I am the eater of food, I am the eater of food! I am the artist (who joins the two together), I am the artist, I am the artist! I am the first born of the Right (rita). Before the Devas I was in the center of all that is immortal. He who gives me away, he alone preserves me: him who eats food, I eat as food.

    “I overcome the whole world, I, endowed with golden light. He who knows this, (attains all this).”
                      Taittirîyaka-Upanishad 3.10.5

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