What’s the difference
Art and conflict?

Taken from:

The Autobiographical Account of

 “Man Becoming Elephant”

Art can be defined as a type of action that is highly admirable. Its byproduct “the piece” is also called Art, but mistakenly. Art is always a means, never an end. I am talking about Art with a capitol letter A, not the art of doing something, i.e., craft, like the art of painting a picture.

Conflict, on the other hand, is a state of mind that usually creates non-action because of its counterbalancing effect. Conflict to a young artist is a welcomed situation to overcome, thus creates action. To a mature Artist, conflict is always there because of the process, but is not an issue.

The conflict an Artist’s deals with are the seemingly conflicting truths that one encounters as one shifts between levels of awareness. A mature Artist will automatically caress, trap and expose the subtler truth. A truth, which expands awareness and consciousness while at the same time, destroys, almost without compassion, the thinner, more synthetic truth.

“The piece,” which represents an end to a period of Art like activity, directly represents the level of awareness of the Artist. If the piece reeks of conflict, then it shows that the Artist is torn between the safety of what one has been taught or what one has pre-determined as a comfortable reality, and the awareness that their notions are incomplete, thin and synthetic in nature… but is afraid to take the dive.

Another possibility could be that the Artist has no idea that expanded awareness is a vertical move, not horizontal. He or she does not understand that truth radiates from a hub, vertically up the spokes and exposes itself on the rim or surface. Being without this knowledge, the Artist becomes frustrated, sees everything in conflict, and does not see the connections made through the hub. The reality the Artist is living is man-made, a reality no doubt, but one built on the surface with many authors and most designing from a safe place like the one previously mentioned—not from the source of things, but from the remains of things left scattered around the rim.

As an Artist matures, by letting go of the surface, the Art process becomes much more powerful and all consuming. “The piece” is then developed from the level of one’s deepest feeling. Eventually, one does not direct the moves one makes… instead one feels directed. Conflict and ignorance has been dropped by the wayside on some grosser level of awareness and has become all but forgotten. Art has now expanded its meaning to become almost a synonym to action. A good example would be the “performance piece” under development entitled, “My Daily Routine.”

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