The Proposal

The Original Proposal
March 3, 1989

Dear Friends,

Together we live on this beautiful young daughter of the Universe—the Planet Earth. Our ancestors have clothed her naked body with a multitude of concepts, two of which are very dear to us, the concepts of time and ownership. Weaving these concepts, we have convinced ourselves that she, this Earth, is ours and for our time alone. Upon this Earth we tend to think we can do what, when, and as we will. We have forgotten that she is our mother and the daughter of the Heavens.

The following is a proposal...
a “Conceptual Work of Art.”

It is our intention to see to it that upon one small area of this globe we open up a seam in the synthetic cloak we have created by separating two edges of our most highly prized concepts. The result will be to reconnect a portion of the Earth to its rightful owner—the Cosmos. In doing so, we will create a physical path for Heaven to descend upon Earth. A small but powerful symbol of our intent—a Golden Discus Ring—placed upon a large conical shaft, will mark the spot. This act—the creation of a conceptual free zone and its symbolic statement—will serve to enliven and inspire Humanity to complete its greatest creation, the descent of Heaven on Earth.

The title of this work of art is:

Far north in a body of cold Arctic water two small Granite Mountains, possibly one hundred million years old, show themselves to us as islands. The body of water is the Bering Strait and the islands are called the Diomedes. The bank on the western side of the Strait is the eastern frontier of Siberia. The eastern bank is the western frontier of Alaska. A conceptual line runs north and south dividing the islands, which are only four kilometers apart. This line represents the division of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. This line is also the international dateline. Standing upon the western island, the eastern island is in yesterday. Standing upon the eastern island, the western island is in tomorrow. This line also speaks to edges of ownership—to the west, Russia—to the east, the United States. This line crosses an underwater reef which is attached to the western side of the smaller island.

It is at this spot, exactly centered upon the reef and the conceptual line, that we will begin to open the seam of Earth’s conceptual cloak. The seam will open twelve kilometers to the north and to the south, and the same distance to the east and to the west, creating a circular area twenty-four kilometers in diameter that will contain the two islands. This circular area will extend itself cylindrically downward through the water and into the Earth until it reaches a distance some point beyond what any man or nation would dare claim to be his or its own. The airspace above will also be penetrated by this conceptual shape to a distance that also lies beyond claim. In other words, what we are proposing is a conceptually free corridor twenty-four kilometers in diameter opening directly into the Heavens at one end and deeply established within the Earth at the other.

We will request that the United States and Russian governments, and their people, “give away” their imposed ownership within this conceptual corridor. Then, with the support of these two Great Nations, We will approach members of the International Community and ask that they allow us to remove all impositions of time within this conceptual space called Heaven’s Stepping Stones.

When agreement is achieved and written into National and International Books of Law, We will then build a conical structure to mark the conceptual free area’s central point of radius; mounted upon this conical shaft will be a totemic object that will symbolize our intended gift to the Heavens. This structure, adorned with its timely gift to Heaven, will constitute a monument that will take the concepts of freedom and liberty, so beautifully presented by “The Statue of Liberty,” to its ultimate conclusion. We will create “A Monument to Heavenly Peace.”

The base of this structure, four and one-half meters in diameter, will be deeply embedded in solid rock and will rise cylindrically through the reef until it reaches a height just below the waterline. At this level the structure will become visible as a swirling conical form and rise another one hundred and forty-four meters to its pinnacle. Placed upon this conical structure two and one-half meters below the tip will be the Golden Discus Ring—a thousand petaled lotus, which will radiate outward approximately fifty-five centimeters.

The central hole within the Golden Ring will symbolize the “give away” of our habit of imposing our concepts upon the rest of Humanity. The outward-radiating forms will represent the expansion of trust created by this “give away,” and in turn symbolize the spread of “Heavenly Peace” to all the people of the world. But before We place this totem upon its pole, our symbol of intent will undergo an intense purification in the form of all inclusive  world-wide pilgrimage until it becomes saturated with the one-pointed intent of Humanity towards the descent of Heaven on Earth—truly qualifying it as a gift to Heaven.

We are calling this object a totem because it symbolizes our true inner nature—to be at peace; and the paramount desire of all peaceful individuals—to expand their peace-based reality to the whole of Humanity. This totem, because of the nature of its symbolism, will expand narrow national patriotism to international patriotism and beyond. Because we will have set aside our laws in this one small portion of the Earth, we will by our intention grant the Heavens diplomatic immunity in this conceptually pure space. Heaven will surely descend into this newly created corridor and reunite with its beautiful innocent daughter, our Earth. Heaven, inspired by our selfless gift, will certainly bestow upon us, His children, a Golden Age.

We ask you to take this proposal deep into your heart.

Based upon the expanding friendliness which is developing upon this Earth, I feel that the time has come for this simple yet monumental work of art. The world longs for such a collaborative “give away.” Heaven’s Stepping Stones represents two monumental steps in the awakening of the child we call Humanity.

As we lean our perceptions into the future... Is it desirable to be filled with anything less than awe?



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