A Natural Evolution:
 The Statue of Liberty to
   Heaven’s Stepping Stones

Many of us still operate from the belief that liberty and freedom are the ultimate goal and wish to hold on to that exciting step in our evolution.  Liberty and freedom are not ends in themselves. They are an important gap that we must pass through which structures the next higher or purer boundary.  And, the higher boundary will not be an end in itself, but merely firm footing for an even higher step. This is how life unfolds; this is the nature of evolution; the natural flow of things. It gives meaning to the word “infinity”.

We, especially those who migrated to America from Europe, were very oppressed when the Statue of Liberty promised freedom. And free we have become. Ironically, we have turned freedom from oppression into freedom of the senses, creating bondage to our own personal desires. Another ego is now oppressing us and the world... our own! We need to set our sights on the next boundary. Once having taken ‘the leap’, we must understand that we are temporarily between boundaries.  Ready or not, we must step up; the next step is coming.  The Statue of Liberty was the promise that put us into full flight, allowing us to let go entirely of our last secure footing. Heavens Stepping Stones now presents us the promise that our foot will be guided onto the next step, finding equilibrium, allowing us to completely release from the past and gain a firm footing on the future.

There is a natural evolution to consciousness. The Statue of Liberty symbolized the release from our past—freedom from oppressors.  Heaven’s Stepping Stones symbolizes the promise of a truly secure future—Heavenly Peace!



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