Should Heaven's?

Should Heaven’s descent
be met by Stepping Stones?

Written shortly after November, 1989,
with a couple of updates.

Surely the descent of Heaven on Earth will be Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent; then why create a work of art that couples specific locational importance and conceptual attitudes with the descent of Heaven?

Obviously, when Heaven does descend it will be an abstract phenomenon, described by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as “all-good everywhere and non-good nowhere.” So why does the artist incorporate within the structure of this piece the preparation of a gift to be presented to Heaven upon its descent?

Is the conceiver of this work actually preparing a place for some “individual being” to put its foot down? For that matter, what does the term “the descent of Heaven on Earth” actually signify? Does it imply that Heaven is not already here?

Isn’t speaking to the descent of Heaven on Earth like saying: the integration of Ocean into the wave?

From perspective of the so-called conceiver of this piece—the artist—the descent of Heaven on Earth speaks to awareness reawakening to a basic Reality which we, through the mistakes of our intellect, have successfully programmed out of conscious existence. The basic Reality spoken of is: Heaven is indeed an individual, and that indivisible-individual is also omnific and omnifarious. The reawakening of our pure intellect is literally Heaven putting its foot down. All kinds, varieties, and forms are being placed on notice. The wave must, and will, realize that it is indeed the Ocean. We must come to realize that it is the collective oneness of all who intend a Heavenly Peace who will descend upon this Earth.

The dimensions of these thoughts are indeed ultimate. We are here to take ownership—ownership of the “real” Estate.  The work of art entitled Heaven’s Stepping Stones is simply a preparation for our own “true” entrance or birth.

Yet, we do not have exclusive rights to this ownership. As we indeed take claim, we are also removing all impositions of that claim. When we speak of taking, we speak of an internal dynamic attitude. When we speak of removing impositions, we speak of an internal dynamic realization.

We will enthusiastically take unto ourselves, but only that which is our own. Neither we, here upon this Earth, nor we, the ultimate owner of the “real” Estate, will ever impose ownership upon the frontier—the leading edge of consciousness in the process of its own development. The frontier has been given the gift of free will within the framework of time. Even though the frontier is very much a part of us, we may never will it as our own. This is a basic natural law. Any individual or nation that achieves a state of Heavenly Peace will have learned to caress this law.

The frontier is evolution in process and as such requires time. Time is the medium of the frontier—the nature of mortality. Timelessness is the nature of immortality—the medium of Heaven. The timeless has a great respect for time. It is through the mirror of time that this indivisible-individual beholds its image. We will take unto ourselves only that which is our own. Our own is timeless, yet it unfolds within the framework of time. To claim that which is not yet one’s own is to impose upon time by not allowing it to unfold naturally and serve its proper function.

Earth has been a Divine frontier. To unfold the image of God has been its purpose. To this end, Heaven has given the Earth free will and time. This has been within the will of this indivisible-individual. Now Heaven wishes to take unto itself all that has become its own. The veil between Heaven and Earth is being removed. This is God’s will. Yet still Heaven will not impose ownership. All must be given freely.

We must understand that Heaven is an indivisible-individual; that you and I are indivisible-individuals; and that the Earth itself is also an indivisible-individual. This Earth has been a frontier of Heaven and we have been a frontier of this Earth. Because the collective consciousness of the spiritual frontier upon this Earth has decisively embraced the will of God, Heaven finds itself descending.

We must also understand that there is always a developing frontier within Heaven. Yet Heaven purposely sets the frontier apart from itself. The Earth too will always have a developing frontier, but it now also chooses to set its frontier apart from itself. We also realize that some aspects of ourselves will always be in the process of development, yet we will now make the same choice as Heaven and Earth: we will take unto ourselves only that which is my own. We are the knowers. The frontier requires time to process a “knowing” for us. There inevitably comes a point in that time when an indivisible-individual-known is created.


Visualize a desire spinning away from you in time at speeds greater than your perception—much like what science calls a black hole. As you desire, more and more of your creative energy is poured into this condensing vortex, the frontier, until its velocity finally reaches a point where it actually becomes a point. This point is the fulfillment of the original desire in the form of a manifest object or point value—the known. At that moment, the power developed in this corridor has become so great that your knowingness is instantaneously sucked into that manifestation. You do not descend into your own frontier, as it may appear, because at that precise moment vortex, velocity, time, and you—the knower—all cease to exist as separate entities; all become condensed into a single immortal point of knowing. You literally take unto yourself that which has become your own.

Taking that visualization and observing it from the frontier’s point of view—after what appeared as an infinity of time, faith, and preparation—ignorance is finally conquered and Heaven descends. Relinquishing the Earth, we, who were its frontier, now abide in Heaven, which is simply the developing manifest reflection of the image of God. We have now become the direct frontier of God—Heaven. Heaven is the on-going yet completely pure state-of-the-art reflection of God. Heaven is God’s expanding immortal manifestation.

At this unique time on Earth, We believe humanity is about to conclude a critical stage in its development. Not too long ago it was feared that our plight was to self-destruct. But now the word Heaven is being used more and more frequently to describe the recent turn in events. Humanity is gathering together and we feel it needs a personal myth to guide it through this profound and critical stage in the evolution of human consciousness. Heaven’s Stepping Stones speaks to such a myth— “The Descent of Heaven on Earth.” This work of art not only symbolizes the basic laws that govern our inheritance from Heaven; it also incorporates within itself a gift which will be presented to Heaven upon its descent.

This gift will be centered around a physical object of great beauty—a Golden Discus Ring. Its bronze structural elements will be adorned with a lotus of one thousand petals. Each petal, cast in pure gold, will have one of a thousand names of Mother Divine inscribed within it. The intrinsic value of this gift will be priceless because of what it represents; yet in an attempt to reflect this intrinsic value, over eighty-four pounds troy of pure gold will be shingled into its surface.

This gift, our symbol of intent, will first undergo an intense purification in the form of a pilgrimage in order to become truly qualified as a gift to Heaven. We will take the Golden Discus Ring for blessings and darshan to the many Seers found throughout the world; such as, the living embodiments of the ancient traditions, leaders of the many modern religions, and the heads of state. Radiating the blessings of those that lead us, the intended gift with visual documentation of the pilgrimage will then be exhibited throughout the world until it becomes saturated with the one-pointed intent of Humanity. That one-pointed intent will truly be our gift to Heaven; to Earth; to ourselves; to God. The intended gift—the Golden Discus Ring—the totem of reawakened pure awareness will then qualify to be placed upon its pole marking the central point of Heaven’s Stepping Stones.

We will then take unto ourselves that which is our own. Heaven, drawn into the conceptually pure corridor of Heaven’s Stepping Stones by our one-pointed intent, will quickly descend and accept our gift. The conceptually pure corridor speaks to the final stage of exponential development of the condensing vortex of Heaven’s desire. Our gift, the Golden Discus Ring, speaks to the awakening of Earth’s crown chakra—Heaven’s threshold into the manifest—the doorway between desire and the fulfillment of that desire—by entering into which this indivisible-individual- Heaven beholds its mirrored image.

Physically, Heaven’s Stepping Stones is perfectly placed. Two islands, with a conceptual line running between them, provide the setting. The line represents imposed time and ownership: time—the international dateline, ownership—the Russia/USA border.

The existence of imposed time in the area is obvious. The two islands lie only two miles apart, yet each sits in another day. This is a perfect example of Humanity boldly wrapping its concepts around wholeness while it disregards the fact that it has created an incongruent seam.

The existence of imposed ownership in the area is equally obvious. The Eskimo people who lived on or near the Diomedes during the past 800 years existed in what could be called a culturally unified Bering Strait. Then, in 1948, because of the “Cold War” (the Superpowers’ battle for supremacy or ownership of the entire world), the single people of the Diomedes were divided when those living on Big Diomede were forcibly evacuated to the Siberian shore. Although a small military base now occupies the island, in terms of a culturally unified people, Big Diomede is still uninhabited today. The remaining Eskimos, who were not removed, still live in Ignaluk on Little Diomede.

There is, however, a less obvious but more exciting reason why we consider this area to be a symbolic setting for Heaven’s descent.

Directly above the human head exists a component of the subtle body known as the crown chakra. The crown chakra, from our point of view, represents Heaven’s threshold into the manifest; from the point of view of Heaven, it is the window into, or the mirror of, the developing reflection of its own desire. Since the beginning of time Heaven has been feeding its desire with unlimited energy through a developing vortex, or pipeline, that has as its culmination, or nozzle, the crown chakra. The crown chakra transforms this energy into maya, or manifest illusion, by creating the gross physical body or bodies. This maya, which we call reality, is actually the on-going development of Heaven’s desire.

When a significant development occurs within this maya, the crown chakra responds by reverberating Heaven’s creative energy back to Heaven as a new notion, idea, or ah! ha! From our point of view, one example of this kind of echo or reflection of developmental perfection upon Earth occurs when a great saint or master consciously leaves his or her body, resurrects, and ascends to Heaven.

Eventually there comes a moment in time when the development of Heaven’s desire—the exponential development of velocity in this condensing vortex—reaches the point at which it actually becomes a point—the point value of that desire. At this exact point—the point of fulfillment—the crown chakra opens up, dramatically reversing the constrictive effect of its nozzling. This functional inversion of the crown chakra, combining with the culmination of the exponential flow of energy in the climaxing vortex, creates an implosion of Heaven’s complete essence into its own desire. This implosion of Heaven into what had been its own developing frontier is what “the descent of Heaven on Earth” literally means—Heaven taking unto itself that which has become its own; and inversely, the wave awakening to the obvious fact that it is indeed the ocean.

This incredible event—the notion of a miracle that will turn all of our assumed reality inside out/outside in, creating the ultimate humbling of what was an arrogant Humanity—will be triggered at the source of all manifest power: the crown chakra, Heaven’s threshold into the manifest..

The less obvious but more exciting reason we consider this area qualifies as a symbolic spot for Heaven’s descent—a descent met by “stepping stones”—is that when we view the Bering Strait and its adjacent land masses as though we were traveling down Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ conceptually free corridor, approaching Earth from the Heavens, it is as though the globe, from this angle, represents the view of the human skull from the vantage point of the crown chakra. We see a remarkable mirrored reflection of the human brain. Representing the right and left sides of the brain are the great land mass of Siberia, Russia and that of Alaska, USA. Representing the two glands located at the center of the brain, the hypothalamus (pituitary) and pineal, are the Diomedes, two islands that are divided by the international dateline and the Russia/USA border.

The hypothalamus and pineal glands are not part of the nervous system, which spreads its conscious awareness through electrochemical energy forms called nerve impulses. Instead, they are part of the endocrine system, which packages consciousness into hormones and secretes them into the waters. The Diomede Islands sit directly in the center of the strong flowing waters of the Bering Strait. The great expanse of the Pacific, swelling from oceanic rain, flows its waters through this dynamic venturi to seek a balance with the Atlantic. Each spring as the ice breaks up, the Bering Strait experiences the largest animal migration in the world. Millions of water mammals travel the Strait to find their summer mating grounds in the Arctic waters.

Appearing deceptively simple or merely coincidental at first glance, this diagram reveals its true significance when we consider the impositions placed upon the area’s natural ability to facilitate the flow of consciousness, and when we consider the turn of world events happening just over a decade ago, which point directly to the developing descent of Heaven.

It is common knowledge that the slaughter of the great mammals of the sea has reduced their numbers drastically. this diminution of the sea’s ability to facilitate the flow of consciousness around the two islands in question—which symbolize a major influence on bodily functions—becomes especially significant when we realize that this flow passes directly to and from the spawning grounds of its own consciousness. Recognizing that the imposed ownership and forcible evacuation of Big Diomede's population in 1948 constituted a wholesale removal of consciousness from the island—an act which completely eliminated the natural flow of communication between a united people whose settlements upon the two islands represented the interrelationship of two major glands in the human physiology—the profound significance of this event becomes apparent, for we realize that this imposition was made by a government whose ideology represents the orientation of the left brain.

We see a strong correlation between state-imposed control of consciousness in the name of a greater good—i.e., the ruthless suppression of individual liberties, to the point of actually seizing ownership of the land and of the people whom the government ostensibly represents—as the ego attempting to organize thought by imposing a state of intellectual supremacy that completely suppresses the individual’s ability to intuit the will of God. Whenever an individual allows the intellect to suppress intuitive input—through the creation of an “iron or ice curtain”—we witness an attempt by the ego to completely dominate the organism of which it is merely a part. By removing consciousness from a ruling element of the endocrine system which lies in direct line with the crown chakra, the intellect has fallen into a state of ignorance so threatening to the organism that, if this situation is not corrected, it will only be a matter of time before the complete system will self-destruct.

Such fears of global self-destruction were definitely real and not the product of fevered imaginations. Many knew that we were living on borrowed time, but only a few realized that the imminent self-destruct was only that of the ego—the temporary owner of free will, operating in a world of time.

Suddenly the world is changing. The ego has begun to give way. The vortex is approaching its conclusion. In the summer of 1987, endurance swimmer Lynn Cox swam between the Diomedes and became the first American to legally enter the USSR through Big Diomede in forty years. In June of 1988, an Alaskan airline company flew a planeload of elderly Eskimos from Nome, Alaska, to Provdeniya, Siberia, to meet relatives unseen since 1948. On the 9th of November, 1989, the Berlin Wall—which for twenty-eight years had represented the gross physical manifestation of the ego’s last stand—opened its gates, initiating the process of German reunification. On December 29, 1989, dissident playwright Vaclav Havel, an intuitive artist, became the President of Czechoslovakia.

In an extraordinary speech presented before the United States Congress on February 21, 1990, President Havel, referring to his experience of having been pinned beneath the boulder of the USSR’s communistic type of totalitarianism—or what I would call an impressive attempt by the ego to achieve complete domination—stated.

“The specific experience I’m talking about has given me one certainty: consciousness precedes being, and not the other way around as the Marxists claim. For this reason, the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness, and in human responsibility.”

Then finally on August 19, 1991, as an expression of its innate tenacity, the ego launched a desperate coup... In an attempt to regain control over the system, Communist hard-liners poured hundreds of armored vehicles into Moscow and seized power from President Gorbachev. But the time of ego’s glory had passed. Nature would not tolerate this act and turned her head. Left alone and completely out of place, the ego appeared weak and clumsy. It could not isolate the system. It could not intimidate. In just seventy two hours it was over. The boulder had turned to dust.

It is clear to us that Nature will no longer allow our misguided attempts to unify diversity within the confines of that diversity. Diversity will always remain unique and we must learn to appreciate the eccentricities of its differences. Thankfully, Humanity is becoming increasingly humble to its self-projected illusions of grandeur, which is prompting the human heart to meekly step forward and accept true responsibility. With the human heart as our leader, this tired old warrior—the ancient ego—will find its lust for power totally given way and it will relax into the sweetness of peace.

In Summary

Should Heaven's descent
be met by stepping stones?

There is a pressing need in the world today for global recognition of the unity which precedes and permeates the diversity of creation. As recent events demonstrate, such a recognition has already begun to occur. Yet this process will be facilitated and accelerated only to the extent that it is consciously understood and embraced by Humanity. That is the purpose of the work known as Heaven’s Stepping Stones.

Art is an intuitive process, and to embrace art is to open the heart and enliven all aspects of human awareness. By presenting the essence of Humanity in the form of a LIVING myth, through the unfoldment of a work of art, we will facilitate that process of awakening. Heaven’s Stepping Stones calls upon Humanity to rally around the will of God, and join together with one-pointed intent to welcome “The Descent of Heaven on Earth.”



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