Philosophical Ground

Heaven’s Stepping Stones
Philosophical Ground

  • I view my individuality as the collected consciousness of all the cells, particles, and thoughts contained within this body with which I am associated.
  • I view my individuality and the body with which it is associated as one cell of consciousness in a universal body called the cosmos.
  • I also view (poetically) my individuality and the body with which it is associated as one personified thought of consciousness belonging to the subatomic particle called the earth, which revolves around its nucleus, the sun, making up the atom called the solar system, that lies within a molecule of a single cell of consciousness called the universe.
  • I also view my individuality as the collected consciousness of all the cells (universes), particles (earths), and thoughts (personified individual points of view) contained within this body (cosmos) with which I am associated.
  • I also view my individuality as the unmanifest whole which is greater than the sum of all its manifest bodies of consciousness.

Because my body is indeed manifest, I am in a position to simultaneously experience and witness my Self as:  the whole, that is, the over-seeing Deity who contains a universe of individuals within Himself; one individual within this Deity;  and one developing thought or individual point of view within an individual aspect of this Deity.  I also simultaneously experience the witness—the whole which remains nameless, unmanifest and yet total.

In other words, I have come to separately experience or witness my Self as the macrocosm, the microcosm, and one who appears to spin in the midst of a two-way flow.  One flow expresses freewill—the microcosm nurturing the macrocosm—and the opposite flow expresses the will of God—the macrocosm nurturing the microcosm.

I also simultaneously experience or witness my Self as one who is not separate, but rather fixed, like the axle of a central hub.  What appears as a separate two-way flow also appears as a single revolving flow that swirls as it spins from its center to its leading edge—from its hub to its ever expanding rim and then back again to its source.

In my minds eye, when I view my Self as static, linear, or broken into a moment-by-moment existence, I see a shape much like a bicycle wheel consisting of axle, hub, spokes in compression or tension, and a rim. When I view my Self dynamically, in a non linear way—that is, as totality—I see a shape much like a flattened-out Taurus or discus ring, forever swirling, forever spinning; yet what it expresses remains forever fixed, and in the center of this swirling—cycling within the spin of the discus ring—I glimpse my static point of view as a linear unfoldment of moments in time.

  • Functioning on the level of the microcosm, I witness my Self as a thought, constantly expanding the notion of what I considered my Self to be.
  • Functioning on the level of the macrocosm, I witness my Self as the Deity, constantly overseeing the restructuring of the sequential order that will reflect or manifest the expanding notion of Self I have created on the level of the microcosm.
  • Functioning within the swirling spin of sequential order, I witness my Self as an individual who constantly responds to the dictates of dharma from the point of view of the will of God and that of free will.

At this time, the whole is preparing to make a dramatic move.  Heaven is about to descend upon the earth. We, the people upon this earth, are about to move from a age of ignorance into an age of enlightenment.

I would compare the challenge of entering a new age to that of a world class athlete preparing to break the existing record.  To be successful the athlete must concentrate all the diverse aspects of his/her body and mind into a one-pointed intent.  Just before unleashing the power of this intent, the athlete “gives way” ownership of that intent by releasing into a state of peaceful readiness.  What happens next happens on its own.  Some greater whole, greater than the sum of all its parts, assumes command and catapults the athlete beyond previous notions of self..  What crosses the finish line is the coherence which has aligned itself with the greater notion of self; all else is abandoned somewhere along the way. When the record is broken the athlete speaks of the performance as effortless witnessing. The only credit the athlete may take lies in the preparation the individual undertook prior to the event itself.

In Preparation for this
New Age Of Enlightenment

On the level of the microcosm….

  • My thoughts are aligning themselves with the creative intelligence that has created the challenge.

On the level of the macrocosm….

  • I am fearless and certain of the outcome.

On the level of dharma…

  • To honor what humanity itself is creating, I have conceived this piece entitled Heaven’s Stepping Stones.
  • To inspire those individuals who are slow in awakening to the uniqueness of our position, the documentation of the pilgrimage and the ring, filled with the darshan of the Seers, will be exhibited throughout the world.
  • To serve as long-term memory in the mind of this earthly body, the Golden Discus Ring, our gift to Heaven, will be strategically placed as a permanent reminder to the constantly expanding notion of “That,” and “That’s” constantly expanding notion of Self is what this is. “That” is truth and to exclude “That” is ignorance.




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