Level of Conscious

Levels of Consciousness

A Samurai warrior came to a Zen Master for instruction.  “Master, I would like to know if Heaven and Hell really exist,” asked the Samurai.

The Teacher heard his request and broke into mocking laughter. “You would like to know about Heaven and Hell?!... Don’t be ridiculous!  Just look at you: you’re fat, you’re uneducated, and you’re uncouth!  What teacher in his right mind would invest his time in the likes of you?!... Go back to your camp and practice your silly exercises!”  With that the teacher turned his back on the man and ignored him.

The Samurai became enraged.  His face turned red, he began to breathe heavily. He drew his sword, ready to chop off the master’s head with his next breath. Just as the sword was about to fall, the master turned around smoothly, and calmly told him,  “That, sir, is Hell.”

The Samurai stopped cold and realized the profundity of the Master’s teaching.  He saw instantly how he had created his own hell through pride and anger. Immediately, he fell at the master’s feet in humble reverence.

The Master looked down at him, lifted the Samurai’s head, and quietly said, “and that, sir, is Heaven.

Focusing on the next
Level of Consciousness

The above story is a beautiful illustration of the level of consciousness that will be needed from the point of view of an individual.  By abandoning pride and anger, one could experience Heaven internally.

Many have reached this level of Peace.

The above story could also be applied to the point of view of the collective consciousness.  We live in very diversified societies.  Without exception, each society has its own way of looking at things.  Sadly, it is quite common to find one society imposing its point of view on another  in an attempt to gain power or control .  This disrespect most often creates a defensive reaction.  Humanity’s gross impositions followed by angered reactions have created an embarrassingly rich history of war and, so called, justifiable destruction.

Although we have had periods of peace, these illusions of peace have only been when one society or an allied group of societies have gained enough power or control to dominate and “force the peace.”  Diversified consciousness must go to the “Master” if we wish to experience a true peace—Heavenly Peace.

Simply put, “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” represents a grand attempt to gather the highest yearnings of the collective consciousness of this Earth, regardless of its society, religion or point of view, and humbly place it at the feet of the master!

Which Master?... “Heaven”—the personification of the greatest possible outcome; the personification of unconditional love; the personification of the highest aspiration of all the Masters.*

This is the quest of the AR<T Foundation.

* This obviously excludes all those masters of ego, 
         worldly power,  domination, and control... the adharmic.




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