Hada's commentary... on 1-2-3

Hada’s commentary on the

“Artist Creates” experiences

The three experiences:

1st...   December, 8th 2006
2nd... December, 28th 2006
3rd... Feburary, 10th 2007

I have found that the “Ar<tist Creates” series of experiences, I presented to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Patanjali’s Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge,* are in themselves commentaries on the design process of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” especially the designing the Golden Discus Ring, and the level or position of consciousness I need in order to perform at this fundamental level.


Received during the meditative practice of
the TM and TM Siddhi programs at the
“Invincible America Assembly” in Iowa.

  • The 1st “Ar<tist Creates” experience
    presents the actual mechanics
    of manifestation.
  • The 2nd “Ar<tist Creates” experience
    verified the mechanics by
    tactical example.
  • The 3rd “Ar<tist Creates” experience
    placed me in the correct
    tactical position.

The First experience:

Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem within the problem.” Why? Because consciousness is too small… it’s confined within the problem… thus, by definition, it’s problematic and filled with mistakes of the intellect.

It’s the same with Art and I am talking about profound Art; the type of Art that changes the world. You cannot do Ar<t within the common state of consciousness—the common waking state. One must transcend normal thinking to accomplish this type of profundity.

In the first experience the thinking goes to deeper and deeper levels, even beyond the normalcy of words and logic and even beyond mathematics and thinking itself. Describing the experience I say,

“I find my creative process, or designing, is more like a gentle whispering, is more like a gentle influencing or tweaking of a creative process that is already well underway. It’s like I am putting the final touches on something. Its like I am a specialist brought into the process to do some final refinements just before it completes its collapse into a point.” (A point of knowing)

What is this whispering? —INTENTION. The momentum of intense Intention is the only thing that can enter Quantum Mechanical reality—this grand unified field of all possibilities. I then say,

“I saw or cognized that this whispering was happening on the level of “The Super String.” (Super String Theory) I saw the vibrating string or in this case, “loop” was vibrating in waves of frequency created by my whispering/Intention and the loop or groups of loops I was directing my whispering/Intention toward, were influencing a portion of the endless Quantum foam into collapsing to a point of manifestation. I saw that on the level of the “Unified Field” I was literally in charge of stimulating endless possibilities into creating actualized manifest realities. I realized that I am indeed creating from “0” (The Zero Point Motion—a Quantum Mechanical term meaning the Unified Field) and then quite literally, stepping into the creation of my making.

The second experience:

In this experience I was literally presented with a visualization on the level of the Quantum Level of reality that verified the mechanics of manifestation presented in the first experience by tactical example. This visualization moved from an abstract form of grainy light on the Quantum Level to a very specific form of two arms and a chest poised in a hugging position, yet still remaining on the Quantum Level as a grainy light form. Then I was presented with, or made aware of, my flesh in the form of arms and chest in a perfect mirroring of the Quantum Level visualization. Then an extraordinary thing happened, the two levels of reality merged. This was done in such away that there was no doubt in my mind that the Quantum Level created the fleshy level as an exact image of itself and then entered the image. And what always brings a smile to my face is that it chose to do it with affection.

The third experience:

This experience not only showed me the correct tactical position I must operate from if I wish to accomplish this piece, “Heavens Stepping Stones;” this experience is also a precursor to the actual flip/flop in reality “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” is aspiring toward.

The “Transcendent,” what Quantum Mechanics calls “Zero Point Motion,” and what Grand Unification Theory’s refer to as the “Unified Field” all speak to a level of consciousness that underlies Classical Reality and gives rise to that Reality. This Unified Field is holistic by nature—a true Totality. The mind cannot go there. Speech cannot enter there. The intellect cannot manipulate within there… Yet speech returns from there. True knowledge enlivens the intellect from there. Ar<t is realized from there. Dharma flows from there.

This plump Zero Point Level of Reality, “fat” or as Dr. John Haglin spoke to, when commenting on the my first experience, as “ripe” with possibilities, has within it a structure that is the supreme administrative intelligence of the universe, which maintains order throughout that ever-expanding universe. This structure, presented in the flow of words and phrases, is known as “Veda.” This structure, presented statically in equations and Theories, is known as The Grand Unification Theory’s of today’s modern physics, i.e., Quantum Measurement Theory, Nonlinear Systems Theory, Quantum Gravity and Superstring Theory, etc. This structure, alluded to on the level of Ar<t, is the “Golden Discus Ring” of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

To inherit or acknowledge and then “live” within this place as ones “Supreme Abode” (Maharishiji’s words) would place one in a position to effectively harness the laws of nature. Of course one would also have to re-identify to who indeed one really is.

There is only room for “One” in that Ultimate Abode—this Singular Unified Field of Immortal Reality—a Totally “full” in its emptiness and its fullness…

There are no vacancies there; the position has been taken.

Brahm or Brahman is Lord there. One must become one with Brahm to operate in and around there. Individual ego—Atman—must be totally abandoned or renounce before one enters this abode where speech, mind and intellect cannot enter. If this is obtained; if individual ego becomes cosmic ego, then speech, mind and intellect will return from there riding Brahma’s (The Creator’s) chariot with Brahma as the charioteer (with the will of God in the driver seat).

Thus, by establishing myself within this Supreme Abode—the Abode of Brahm, my life long intention will be fulfilled. My Ar<t will be realized.

Speech may not enter this Supreme Abode, but the momentum of Intention—samkalpha—brought to its doorway by one who has fully obtained the consciousness of Brahm (one who has captured his own nature) could certainly harness and enhance Intentions flow toward the development of a Unique, Supreme, Manifest Reality. By directing one’s whispering toward a loop or loops of Superstrings which in turn influences a portion of the endless Quantum foam into collapsing into a point of manifestation, Braham will give rise to our desired/intended reality—as presented by “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

The Success of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” originally presented on the Classical Level of Life and then developed and realized as a Unique, Supreme, Manifest Reality of Life—Heaven—will owe its accomplishment to the correct tactical positioning of the Ar<tist… i.e., from whence speech returns… from whence Being Becomes… from whence Ar<t is Realized… from whence Dharma flows!


The three experiences:

1st...   December, 8th 2006
2nd... December, 28th 2006
3rd... Feburary, 10th 2007



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