Winter Solstice 2012

The conceptual work of AR<T
“Heaven’s Stepping Stones”
     Now has a Deadline…

Earths Birthline!

Existing at the moment between
Death and Birth is a fine line.
A line that must be crossed.

The Ar<tist is very aware of this line between death and rebirth; between another mundane glorification of what we already know or a profound creation. To create something profound, one must die to what one knows and cross this line in total innocents. Many artists come close to the line, but rarely does one actually cross it.  Momentum of thought ceases as one approaches this line. Inspiration is lost as one nears this point of death. All the devices of the ego become obvious and illusionary when one nears this line of dissolution. Only one thing has within it the awesome power and dedication to take one across this line—DHARMA. And what is this ingredient within Dharma that makes it such a awesome power? —INTENT—Big Intent—long-term-evolving-Intent.  This Intent is bigger than one’s self—one’s community—one’s nation—one’s time.  It is an Intent that one’s ancestors intended when they followed their Dharma. Dharma’s Intent has taken the word “dedication” and transformed it into “destiny.”  Our destiny is truly in the hands of Dharma. And Dharma is powered by an ongoing accumulation of our ancestor’s intentions that have from generation to generation tweaked it into an ongoing destiny. Our “personal will” is the tool that tweaks the subtle nuances of this evolving Dharma. Dharma alone will carry us across the fine line between death and rebirth—between the old/mundane and the new/exotic.  This Deadline//Birthline exist on all levels. When a Quantum Physicist discovers an even deeper law hidden within the unified field, this line has been crossed. When an athlete breaks a world’s record, he or she crosses the line many have approached, but could not pass. When reincarnation steps across this line, a baby is born.

And now, the Earth itself is being brought up to this line.

The Earth, and all who live upon it, are approaching this Deadline//Birthline exponentially. Dharma is like a river. We have been experiencing Dharma as a wide meandering stream with no perceivable current. It’s been like a holiday and the affluent have been having a great time bathing in self-indulgence. Adharma (going against Dharma) has been allowed to cast its nets of desire and pull us in. But now the river is straightening, narrowing and deepening. We have reached a time when the flow of Dharma is speeding up like a river flowing from a high place. Soon the current of the river Dharma will be ascending so fast that it will feel like a waterfall. Adharma will be crushed against the rocks below. The time is rapidly approaching when only those becoming one with the flow of Dharma will actually survive.  This is because, in reality, Dharma is all there truly is—everything else is, at most, a passing dream—a trendy illusion. Many unbelievable events will soon occur politically, economically, spiritually, and even on the level of inner and outer space. Adharma will soon be exposed for what it is—nothing.  I am lead to believe that the Earth is scheduled to cross this line of destiny on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar.

The conceptual work of AR<T, “Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” now has a Deadline—Earths Birthline.

 The “Golden Discus Ring” must be built, the “Pilgrimage” must be completed, the World Wide Exposition must complete the saturation of our gift to Heaven with our Intent, and the “Twisting Conical Shaft” must be erected between the Diomede Islands in Bering Strait. All must be finished before the Winter Solstice of 2012, because on that auspicious day, our Intent/gift to heaven will be positioned upon the symbolic conclusion of the developing vortex of Earths up and coming Birthline.

Earth’s Birthline… Exactly what will happen, there are no promises. But something BIG is about to happen and that bigness is being lead by the extreme Intent of Dharma rushing towards a TRUE destiny.

True, at least from this limited three-dimensional point of view.  Like I said, everything will be dropped by the roadside except Dharma.  Dharma is truth and this Dharmic truth is not a final truth, but an evolving truth—a truth being discovered and uncovered. Certain dimensional realities, like mediums in Art, are better suited for specific expression or growth than others. Three-dimensional reality has been an extremely limiting medium.  For instance, our reality is a dualistic reality, where only one thing can occupy any given space at any given time, and that time is linear, and unidirectional. Thankfully we are coming to the end of this three-dimensional Lila (Cosmic play).  It is now time to turn our attention from the alluring illusion we have been playing, growing and dying in and INTEND a higher, purer medium of expression and growth.

The conceptual work of Ar<t, “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” speaks to exactly that.

I am using the word Ar<t rather than Art, because this work of “A” Art is “R” Realized “<” From “T” Totality—AR<T—a totality that’s saturated with Dharmic Intent.  The ancient ones, our ancestors, through countless generations have set the Dharmic Intent and put it in motion. (ie. Lemurian “Hadaurankcha”, The Mayan “Long Count” system of timekeeping, The Hopi Prophecies, The Lakota Propheces, LP40, etc. etc..)  Our futures, operating within higher-dimensional omnidirectional time realities, are tweaking Dharma to meet their desired Intent for Earth’s new Birthline. And we, in the ever present, will place our collective Intent, through the Conceptual Work of Ar<t “Heaven’s Stepping Stones”, right into the concluding dynamics of Dharma’s developing vortex—The “Third (3rd) Quality of the Gap—existing between the Earth’s, 2012, Deadline//Birthline.

Vedic Literature speaks to the gap as having four profound qualities.

  • Dissolution of the Previous State—Pradhvansa Abhava—is the first (1st) quality. It is this influence that disallows any momentum of thought or other device of the ego to continue when one approaches a profound gap existing between the known and the unknown, and rightly so, as we are asking to go beyond our limited notion of self.  To be successful we must dissolve our previous state of being.
  • Infinite Silence—Atyanta-Abhava—is the second (2nd) quality. This quality purifies by reconnecting with the primordial unspoken, unconscious Intent that originally sparked “The Creator” into Being.  This dive into silence starts a stirring.
  • Infinite Dynamism—Anyonya-Abhava—is the third (3nd) quality. A dimple develops in the stirring that exponentially develops, drawing everything “real” into a full vortex. Rushing towards its conclusion, this vortex draws all the varied inputs of Dharmic Intent, from the dedicated push of the past to the enthusiastic pull of the future, into the mix before coming to its conclusion as a point of knowing.
  • Emergence of a New State—Prag-Abhava—is the forth (4nd) quality. This new condensed point of knowing then emerges as a new state of being. The Deadline//Birthline has been crossed presenting Dharma as a unique miracle of innocents—a purer more complete truth than has ever been known.

This stirring, vortex and emergence from Deadline to Birthline will be activated by the precise alignment of Earth, Sun, Galaxy and Pole Star—The Heart of the Sky.

 At exactly [? 11:11am Grenwich time?] the “Twisting Conical Shaft” of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” will be perpendicular to a hypothetical line drawn from the center of the Earth through the center of the Sun and through the Sacred Tree of the Milk Way. The Sacred Tree, a Mayan term, is the crossing point of the ecliptic with the central band of our Galaxy, as seen from our Earth. To the ancient Mayan, The Sacred Tree was a doorway to the underworld, representing our sacred source and origin—our Deadline//Birthline.



Also, at this time, the alignment of the Sun, the rotational axis of the Earth, and the "Pole Star" Polaris will coincide. The rotational axis of the Earth will be at its closest point of 180º or in a straight line pointing from the Sun to Polaris, thus ending our long faded relationship with Draco (reptilian energy) and fully open our relationship with the “Little Bear” asterism within the Constellation, Ursa Minor (bear energy).

Reptilian energy… Survival oriented—reactionary.

Bear energy… Goes to the source and then acts. At the end of the yearly cycle the bear “lets go of the previous” and goes deep into the womb of Mother Earth (hibernates) and in that silence crosses the Deadline//Birthline and actually gives birth while in that deep silence. In the spring she comes out with her cubs to start a new cycle. Interesting, I (Hada) have been given the name “Walks the Spiral Path of the Bear” by the Sun. Also, I might mention, I have received the name “Ser Ki Korlo” (Golden Wheel) from His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, which can easily be interpreted as meaning “Pure Dharma.”

Earth’s Birthline… Exactly what will happen?

When I originally designed the “Twisting Conical Shaft” it was not a twisting form. But as time passed, I intuitively felt it should twist or swirl towards its apex, but I was not sure why. Also I felt, right from the start that the shaft or the position of the “Golden Discus Ring” upon the shaft should be at 144 meters from the ocean’s surface and again I was not sure why. Scale is very important in a work of art. When you realize that the nearby eastern island “Little Diomede” rises to 398 meters and the western island “Big Diomede” rises to 508 meters, this piece feels very out of scale. When you take into account its presenting a gift to Heaven, which is a very large concept, the scale becomes very questionable. I had, of course, heard that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012.  I also knew that the Diomede Islands were very close to the Artic Circle. I was even told that this Monument would be the future North Pole.  But it wasn’t until just recently that I saw its true scale and the symbology of its twist.

Dharma has been preparing something very special for the Winter Solstice 2012. This is what I’ve cognized:

In an ancient primordial void, well below what we now call the quantum level, something started to move. A faint desire awoke.

How long this desire sat static, know one knows… there was nothing yet to measure. But at some point, a spark of consciousness, not yet self aware, morphed desire into intent and this unprecedented impulse initiated a slow unperceivable stirring in the void.

As millenniums passed, the stirring manifest itself into a great cosmos of swirling theaters of stars teaming with planetary systems. Consciousness then used these stars and their planets to develop impromptu Lela’s (cosmic plays) to creatively unfold works of AR<T to fulfill the awakening primordial desire to know.

Dharma was then born to keep the Lela’s focus to the task at hand, while freewill gave the play unlimited possibilities.

Over time consciousness coupled with intention and overseen by Dharma, created cycles of evolutionary unfoldment. Each cycle starting with untold freedom, yet held in check by Dharma, eventually developed kayos into truth before it recycled into another level or cycle of unfoldment.

At this time, on the planet Earth, we find our personified form of consciousness is about to reach an end of a rather large cycle. (as there are endless cycles within cycles) As this cycle closes and transforms itself, only the Dharmic form of this three dimensional reality will become the work of AR<T. Adharma will be as unresolved sketches and will be left behind (thrown into the wastebasket). This Dharmic Masterpiece and all the consciousness dedicated to it will become the raw material for the next cycle of Heavenly unfoldment.

As we approach our planets Deadline//Birthline, which will happen, at least symbolically, at the Winter Solstice of 2012, again we will find something has started to move in a void well below the quantum level. A desire is being formed deep in the unmanifest unified-field of consciousness of the living Dharmic evolution of the Creator, who is still intent on fulfilling the desire of that which is beyond understanding and knowing.

A spark of consciousness or work of AR<T created by the personified talent of his immense creativity—humanity—is morphing this desire into intent, which is causing a great swirling on the teleplane of the elliptic with its point of radius centered at the core of our Earth.


When the Earth, Sun and the Sacred Tree of the Milky Way align ( in the long count Mayan calendar), a dimple will develop at the circumference of the Earth and will quickly develop into a full-fledged vortex condensing perpendicular to the ecliptic teleplain as it rushes towards the “Twisting Conical Shaft” of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

As it comes to its conclusion as a point of knowing at the apex of The twisting shaft, it will pass through the “Golden Discus Ring” of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.” This discus form speaks to our spherical three dimensional space doing a transformational, caterpillar to butterfly, type trick by passing itself through a toroid (donut shaped object) with graduated infinity signs as its cross section and coming out the other side as what we might call Heaven—the best possible outcome.

The Golden Discus Ring... an instrument,
a celestial chariot... a twenty five tiered
spinner field with a thousand blades,
petals, or Deities churning the Quantum
Field with intention, drawing reality from
the Unified Field of All Possibilities into a
Heavenly Reality... intention is its fuel.

Of course Dharma will make the final decision, yet by placing the “Golden Discus Ring” filled with the intentions of Humanity a moment away from Dharma’s concluding moment of knowing, we can, in a shamanistic fashion, influence Dharma to go for the highest possible outcome and pledge ourselves to be the raw material of this new cycle of pure consciousness.

Doing this we will become as Ganesha/Ganapati, Lord of the Gunas (all of Shiva’s categories).

Man will become Elephant… “Gajibhuta”




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