A Prophecy

A Prophecy
from the Indigenous People
of North America


The conceptual development of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” was accomplished in four stages.

  • The first stage, which unfolded almost instantaneously, was the pure concept itself—the conceptual creation of a conceptual free corridor. By opening a seam in the synthetic cloak which divides Heaven and Earth and the “give away” of our most highly prized concepts—time and ownership, we saw that this corridor would effectively prepare the way for Heaven’s desired descent.
  • The second stage unfolded when we saw the need to create something in the physical space to mark this area. This led to the idea of a central pole—a brahmasthana—a symbolic trunk planted firmly in the ocean of life—a true tree of life with towering foliage, breathing in the heavenly of the Divine. This central pole quickly evolved into a “Twisting Conical  Shaft” with a “Golden Discus Ring” placed close to its apex. The discus ring upon this pole would not only speak to our great dream but would also be a gift to Heaven.
  • The third stage unfolded when we realized that the only gift that would send a thrill through Heaven would be the prerequisite of its own descent—the one pointed intent of Humanity. This led to the idea of taking this gift—the “Golden Discus Ring”, a thousand petal lotus with one of the thousand names of our Divine Mother inscribed within each petal—on a great all encompassing pilgrimage to the people of this Earth. We would ask for their blessings and darshan before placing the discus upon its pole. At this time, it became obvious that this pilgrimage—this gathering of the one pointed intent of Humanity around a sacred object adorned by the many names of our Divine Mother—was the power of the piece.
  • The forth stage unfolded many years later, in Portugal, August 2004, when the true nature and scale of the twisting conical shaft was revealed as well as the toroidal underlying geometry of the “Golden Discus Ring. This is forth stage also presented us with a deadline and is presented in the Salient Words “Birthline//Deadline... Winter Solsice 2012.”

Shortly after the conceptual completion of the first stage, it came to Hada’s (the artist) conscious awareness that this piece must have been prophesied by the indigenous people of North America. The later development of a pilgrimage or thoughts of a gift to Heaven had not yet emerged in his thinking, so as far as he knew his feelings of prophesy were solely based on the “give away” within the Bering Strait.

Hada mentioned these feelings of prophecy to his wife Hadani and a few close friends; and was given some good advice as to were we might look—Hopi prophecies etc., but soon our minds became intensely focused on the second and then third stages of this piece and all thoughts of prophecy faded from our conscious awareness.

Many years later, (before he meet with Grandfather Wallace Black Elk in 1997) Hada was browsing through a remote bookstore in southern Colorado and found himself strongly attracted to a book by Mary Summer Rain entitled “Dreamwalker.” He knew nothing about her nor the book but could not lay the book down. Something within him was demanding that he buy this book.

   Summer Rain

A couple of evenings later, he had reached the bottom of page 138.

Mary Summer Rain, speaking with a Dreamwalker named Brian Many Heart, spoke of a conversation with her teacher—a Native American visionary named No-Eyes.

Mary, speaking to Many Heart, said:

    “Well... she (meaning No-Eyes) said something I didn’t quite understand. At the time I didn’t think to ask her to explain and she never really did, but when I doubted myself, she cryptically alluded to some old prophecy.”

When Hada read the words old prophecy, his body chilled and his mind said, “Oh God! Here it is.”


Mary Summer Rain was asking Many heart about the prophecy. Did he know which one that was? Would he explain it to her?

 Many Heart responded,

    “It’s one that has to do with things many differing tribes are awaiting. Some have ancient tales which foretell of the entrance of someone other than a full blood who will bring light into the darkened hearts of men—one who will bridge the delineating gaps between races. Tales of another tribe foretell of the reappearance of a missing piece of sacred object. But No-Eyes foresaw this missing piece as appearing in an altered state. In other words, this awaited piece will actually return in a completely unexpected form.”

Mary asked,

    “What altered form will this sacred piece take? Did she say?”

    “Her exact words were, ‘They await but one missing sign—one object. But it has altered. It has splintered into pieces of the One. It will reappear as many pieces within the One they await.’”

    “You wouldn’t by any chance know what this One missing piece is, would you?’

    “A piece of tablet.”

    “What's this sacred piece, pieces represent to them?”

    “The awaited tablet pieces will represent the great beginning of the end... the beginning of a great new cycle... Anyway, what’s important here is that when this prophecy is recognized as reality, the Phoenix will be making himself evidenced—the Phoenix Days will have arrived—and the people will be getting ready for their final relocation... When the time is right, the new beginning will be upon us and the hoop will be closed for good. The Sacred Tree will thrive strong... forever.”

We were quite surprised that the prophesy did not speak of what was being proposing in the Bering Strait—The removal of conceptual impositions on notions of Reality by destroying two of our most highly prized concepts. In fact... if the artist had not been so strongly drawn to the book and alerted by a timely cold chill, he’s quite sure that he would have read right through these passages and would not have recognized them for what they were.

Even though we were surprised we were not let down, quite the contrary. The opening up of a seam in the synthetic cloak we have created by separating two edges of our most highly prized concepts will certainly be a powerful act, but compared to what was being implied here—at most all previous notions of prophesy were simply a precursor—the initial stepping stones to the unfoldment of a more holistic understanding.

The prophecy spoke of “a missing piece of tablet”a missing piece of knowledge. And even though this piece of tablet/knowledge will be “one object” it too will be “splintered into pieces”—broken down to reveal the subtleties of its own true nature—and “will reappear as many pieces”—aspects—“within the One they await”. And “when this prophecy is recognized as reality”—when the objective representation of the subtleties of this missing piece of knowledge are presented to the people, we will be at “the great beginning of the end—the beginning of a great new cycle,” Earth’s Deadline//Birthline. With this knowledge “the people will get ready”—place there intentions into the “Golden Discus Ring”—“for their final relocation”—Heaven on earth. “When the time is right”—Earth’s Deadline//Birthline... the end of the 26,000 year Mayan Long Count Calendar, “the new beginning will be upon us and the hoop”—the gathering together as One the one pointed intent of the whole of Humanity—“will be closed for good”—Heaven will take unto itself all that has become its own. “The Sacred Tree”,—Earth’s Deadline//Birthline—which is a  Mayan term, will happen when the Winter Solstice Sun, 2012 ( in the Mayan’s Long Count System) sits in an extremely close conjunction with  the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), will thrive strong... forever.”

  • This “one missing sign—one object... reappearing as many pieces within the One they await,” is our gift to Heaven—The Golden Discus Ring—a lotus formed by splintering the indivisible-individual-One into a thousand indivisible-individual petals, each inscribed with one of the thousand names or indivisible-individual attributes of our Divine Mother.
  • The act that “will bring light into the darkened hearts of men and bridge the delineating gaps between races” is the act of taking this sacred piece, pieces—our gift to Heaven, The Golden Discus Ring—on an intense pilgrimage throughout the world until it becomes saturated with the one pointed intent of Humanity.
  • The missing “piece, pieces” of knowledge which will bring about “the great beginning of the end... the beginning of a new cycle” is the unveiling of an ancient paradox—a truth, so powerful, that had it not been hidden from the developing egos, we the billions of people of this world could not have reach our full maturity as Indivisible-Individuals. This paradox—this understanding which will inspire “the people to get ready for their final relocation” will be the knowledge of the primordial nature of Reality—The Indivisible-Individual-One—Mother Divine.
  • The Golden Discus Ring will symbolize the reintroduction of this sacred knowledge into “the darkened hearts of men.” Men because we have all been behaving as men, even those hiding under skins of women. In truth we are all the unity of One Woman displaying ourselves and evolving Her as the diversity of Mankind.
  • “Anyway, what’s important here is that when this prophecy is recognized as reality, the Phoenix will be making himself evidenced.” We have a choice... nothing will be pressed upon us. We can decide to prepare for our “final relocation” or we can continue to live in delusion. Heaven only wishes to claim that which has become its own... nothing more. If the intention from the depths of our hearts is The Descent of Heaven on Earth, Heaven itself will fill-in the missing “piece, pieces” from within each and everyone of us.
  • “When the time is right,” Winter Solstice 2012, “the new beginning,” Birthline, “will be upon us and the hoop will be close for good.” We will have crossed the line between Earth’s Deadline//Birthline.
  • The influence of “Heavens Stepping Stones” “Golden Discus Ring” upon Dharma’s moment of decision at what the Mayan speak to as “The Sacred Tree,” will bring about a new Heavenly reality which will “thrive strong... forever.”

             An exert from

           Taken from, “Return of the Bird Tribes”
             by Ken Carey

    She came from the stars. To many tribes she came, though each knew her by a different name. You might see her as two young Sioux hunters first saw her, walking barefoot, like a vision, across the low rolling hills of a prairie. They had climbed to the top of one such hill, looking for game, for some sign of movement on the broad rolling sea of grasses. Far away they saw a dot on the horizon. They watched it carefully. By the time it disappeared behind a hill before them, they were almost certain it was human.

    With bated breath they waited. At last, upon the crest of the hill, a young woman appeared wearing a beautiful white buckskin dress, decorated with dark porcupine quills. At her side she carries a skin pouch. A eagle feather, woven into her long, braided, black hair, caught the light of the early afternoon. Remarking upon her extraordinary beauty, the first of the warrior braves exclaimed how he would like to couple with her there in the sun-warmed prairie grass.

    “Put aside such thoughts,” spoke the other brave. “This is a sacred woman, a vision perhaps, certainly not one to be approached in that manner.”

    But to his surprise, the woman in white buckskin smiled at the lusty warrior and said to him, “Come to me. You shall have what  you desire.”

    And so the second brave was left standing alone on the prairie, watching as his brother walked off, apparently enjoying the mysterious woman in the swirling cloud of dust that for a while hid them both from sight. When the dust had settled enough to see, there was a woman, bringing slowly together the stitches of her dress. At her feet, partially decomposed, lay a corpse, alive with worms, beetles and a cloud of hungry flies.

    Then White Buffalo Calf Woman—who was the form in which the Great Spirit had come to teach the people of the plains—spoke to the young brave, who now remained alone and said, “A man who looks first to a woman’s outer beauty will never know her beauty divine, for there is dust upon his eyes and he is good as blind. But a man who sees in a woman the spirit of the Great One and sees her beauty first in spirit and in truth, that man will know God in that woman; and should she chose to lie with him, he will share with her in enjoyment more fully than the former ever could. And all will be as it should.

    “You, when you looked upon me, were not blind to my beauty, but your first thoughts were, ‘Who is she, this beautiful woman? What is it that makes her countenance glow so in the afternoon sun? What thoughts are those that dance behind her eyes? From what land does she come? With what tidings?’

    “And so, my young friend, have no fear. You, too, shall have what you desire.

    “You and your friend symbolize two paths that the men of a tribe can take. If you seek first the sacred vision of the Great Spirit, you will see as the Creator sees, and in that seeing, you will find what you need from the earth will come readily into your hands. But if you seek first to secure your earthly desires and forget the spirit, you will die inside.

    “In olden days, most of the men took your path; but in this age many men are now going the path of your fallen brother. What you saw in the cloud was a speeded up lifetime; your brother lived many years in those moments while you saw only a swirl of dust. It was not bad for him as you might imagine. He lived a life that many in this forgetful age would even say was a ‘good’ one. But he was ruled by his passions. In the end, his body turned to dust, for all his thoughts were dust. He had forgotten not only the Great Spirit, but his own spirit as well. He contributed nothing of the meaning of me, to womankind, or to the people of the plains.”

    Then the young hunter asked the woman who she was.

    With eyes black as the midnight pools between the stars, she looked steadily at him for a moment, as if her gaze alone gave obvious answer.

    “I am the Spirit of Truth,” she replied at last. “Your people know me as the Mother of the Old Ones, but as you can see for yourself I am not so old as all of that. I am no older than any stalk of grass waving in the wind or any prairie flower. I am the great Mother who lives inside every mother, the girl who plays in every sister child. I am the face of the Great Spirit your people have forgotten. I have come to talk to the nations of the plains. Go before me to your village. Tell your chief to prepare a generous teepee that will accommodate all the people of your camp. I will be there shortly. I have some things to teach you, sacred things that your tribe has forgotten.”

    In awe and excitement, the young hunter ran back to his people and told his chief all he had seen...
                                               Ken Carey

Soon “the Phoenix will be making himself evidenced.” We have a choice... nothing will be pressed upon us. We can decide to prepare for “our final relocation”Earth’s Deadline//Birthline or we can continue to live in delusion.

Heaven only wishes to claim that which has become its own... nothing more.




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