3-The Artist is Projected...

The Artist is Projected... Projected
   Again and Again
into his Creation

The third of three
“Artist Creates” experiences.

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December, 8th 2006
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Hada’s commentary

On February 10th 2007, Hada related an
experience during meditation at the “Invincible
America Assembly.”
he largest scientific
demonstration project ever to monitor the effects
of of 1200 advanced Transcendental Meditation
experts on national trends.) He spoke directly t
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi via a video-conferencing
link to Flowdrop Holland, The Golden Domes in
Fairfield, IA (where Hada & Hadani participated)
and Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.

  • Hada’s experience:

I am in a very plump “zero point level,” fat with possibilities… space is infinite, void and timeless and I am permeated with sense of peace and contentment… but I don’t know it… That is, I didn’t know it until an incredible transformation awakens my awareness to it.

Suddenly… quite by surprise, my whole reality flipped… inverts… goes through a metamorphosis… The sensation was quite physical, like a somersaulting or a turning inside out.

Suddenly… what I experienced as the experiencer—the witness… suddenly became the experience… and what I would have called the experience… suddenly became the experiencer—the witness. I literally changed positions from what I would have called me or my own nature, to what I was experiencing, as me or my own nature and what I would have called myself—this man named Hada—was now just an experience of its maker.

I suddenly appeared to have totally renounced my attachment to this so called reality, as my abode, or me, and came out on Brahma’s chariot. There was still a me, but this transformation of me was now on the other side of the lens—the lens being, the Zero point from whence speech returns. Instead of intending to project, into a lens— The Zero Point—The Totality— a creation from whence speech returns… or through The Totality from whence Art is Realized, and then stepping into that creation. I found myself looking at the projector… the projector—what I used to relate to as me—now as merely a lovely projection and I felt “free.”

Miraculously, I now was free… free of all the personal decisions I was constantly felt forced into making and now was floating on the river of Dharma, riding Brahma’s chariot. I need now, to do nothing other than to be spontaneous.

After the transformation or revelation, I never returned to a plump “zero point,” fat with possibilities… in a space that was infinite, void and timeless… permeated with a sense of peace and contentment… instead I saw myself in a chariot with the zero point as its engine as the remainder of my program was filled in awe of the ramifications of this sudden flip/flop of my point of view. It was as if the Veda was erasing the mistakes of my intellect and replacing it with the memory of natural law that can only be understood from this juxtaposition of reality.

I know this event was organized by the power of the Veda… and I feel honored… humbled… and empowered.

Vedo hum… (I am the Ved)

Jai Guru Dev

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