2-The Artist Creates... with affection

The Artist Creates,

and then enters into his Creation...

with affection

The second of three
“Artist Creates” experiences.

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December, 8th 2006
February, 10th 2007
Hada’s commentary

On December 28th 2006, Hada related an
experience during meditation at the “Invincible
America Assembly.”
he largest scientific
demonstration project ever to monitor the effects
of of 1200 advanced Transcendental Meditation
experts on national trends.) He spoke directly t
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi via a video-conferencing
link to Flowdrop Holland, The Golden Domes in
Fairfield, IA (where Hada & Hadani participated)
and Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.

  • Hada’s experience:

Again... during Yogic flying... I am witnessing a very plump “Zero point,” fat with possibilities… space is infinite, void and timeless and I am permeated with sense of peace and contentment.

At some point a vague an almost unperceivable form presents itself in front of me… As I look deeply into it, I see that it is made up of what appears to be a grainy body of light… grainy like an over enlarged photograph…

Looking even deeper, I see this grainy body of light is in constant motion and the grain is like finite tubes that are sliding under and over and around each other, but on an infinitely small scale. In their agitation they tend to go in and out of perception and I realize that I am probably looking at the boiling of quantum foam… and the objects appearing like tubes going in and out of perception are more than likely developing vortexes expanding and collapsing in a myriad of directions and manifestations.

The grainy body of light then starts taking on a geometric shape, like two lines crossing, like a cross, but its vertical shape falls back behind the horizontal and slips almost out of perception.

The next thing that happens is the horizontal line starts to swell and become a figurative representation of a chest with arms, while the vertical aspects of the body still remain vague. Then the fully developed outstretched arms bend gently toward me, like they want to hug me.

Keep in mind that this personification is NOT made of flesh, but of the grainy light I at first perceived.

I open myself to the embrace… but nothing happens.

Then, in a precisely controlled way, Chhandus starts slowly unmasking itself and I became aware of my physical body… The one made out of flesh, while I still remained at the Plump Zero point level observing the grainy body of light. The unmasking of this Chhandas was very specific... I had no perception of the sounds of the flyers around me, the sounds of the air purifiers, nor even the feel of the foam supporting me.

My body, my fleshy body, was mimicking or mirroring the grainy light body I was perceiving at the Zero point Level. My flesh was mostly arms and chest. All my other aspects, such as legs and head, were almost indistinguishable.

Then my arms were lifted by some unknown power into a hugging position and the figurative light form waiting at the zero point level, rushed in and hugged me. I could feel the warmth of its chest against mine and the strength of its arms, as it squeezed itself deeply into my chest and became one with me. Then my body’s Chhandas gently went back into hiding and I went back to witnessing a very plump “Zero point,” fat with possibilities… in a space that was infinite, void and timeless.

Vedo hum… (I am the Ved)

Jai Guru Dev

Also see...

December, 8th 2006
February, 10th 2007
Hada’s commentary



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