1-The Artist Creates and then...

The Artist Creates,

and then Steps into his Creation

The first of three
“Artist Creates” experiences.

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December, 28th 2006
February 10th 2007
Hada’s commentary

On December 8th 2006, Hada related an experience
during meditation at the “Invincible America Assembly.”
(The largest scientific demonstration project ever to
monitor the effects of of 1200 advanced Transcendental
Meditation experts on national trends.) He spoke directly
to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi via a video-conferencing link
to Flowdrop Holland, The Golden Domes in Fairfield, IA
(where Hada & Hadani participated) and Maharishi
Vedic City in Iowa.

Dr. John Haglin Ph.D., world renown Quantum Physicist
and Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country
of World Peace, were also in attendance and made the
following commentarys on Hada’s experience.

  • Dr. John Haglin Ph.D.,

I love this experience! I wish my students
  had the time to take a few years and write
  a Ph.D. thesis on this beautiful experience,
  so innocently, articulately and beautifully


  • Dr. Bevan Morris,

“It is such an inspiration for all of us, when
  we see the great artist beginning to shake
  hands in the transcendental field—in their
  own self—with the Artist who designed
  the human physiology our planet, our
  galaxy and our universe...”

  • Hada’s experience:

The Artist creates,
     and then steps into his creation

The experience I will be relating, I have been having for quite some time, but since enrolling in the “Invincible America” course, the depth of the experience has become much more vivid, revealing and exciting.

I’m an artist and when thoughts come up in meditation there usually associated with something I am designing. As I would go deeper and deeper into the program my source of thought would also come from deeper and deeper levels. Sometimes, in retrospective, in rest or after I had come out of program, I’ll realize that my thoughts were purely mathematical, yet during the experience of witnessing the thoughts, at these deep levels, they were just like regular thinking.

Now, that I have been on the Invincibility course for several months doing the TM and TM Sidhi program 8 hours a day, I find that I barely get started in my program, barely start the mantra or sutra and at once, find myself in the unbounded. I witness a very plump “0 point,” fat with possibilities… space is infinite, void and timeless and I am permeated with sense of peace and contentment.

Now, just recently, I find that I am also designing at this zero point level, but I would not call this thinking. Up to now I would call all my designing during program, some level of thinking, either worldly and concrete or subtly abstract and mathematical, but now it has become something quite different… a purer level of designing… beyond thought.

I find my creative process, or designing, is more like a gentle whispering, is more like a gentle influencing or tweaking of a creative process that is already well underway. It’s like I am putting the final touches on something. Its like I am a specialist brought into the process to do some final refinements just before it completes its collapse into a point.

An analogy that comes to mind is the ice sport called curling. In this sport a large weighty stone with a handle attached to it is slid across the ice toward a target by one person and then two other persons with brooms sweep minute particles of ice either, away from, or directly into, the path of the sliding stone as it rushes towards its target. The sweepers never make contact with the stone, but make final adjustments to the trajectory of the stone by subtly adding or relieving friction along its path, so it will end up precisely on target.

Like that, my whispering was seen as “adjustments” to the very subtle process of Rishi collapsing into the point value of Chhandas.

But yesterday, I saw something even more exciting.

First, I must make it clear that I am not literally seeing this “beyond thought level of designing” in my minds eye, rather I am cognizing what is happening. I just find myself unquestionably knowing what’s happening.

So what happened yesterday, was that I saw or cognized that this whispering was happening on the level of “The Super String.” I saw the vibrating string or in this case, “loop” was vibrating in waves of frequency created by my whispering, and the loop or groups of loops I was directing my whispering toward, were influencing a portion of the endless Quantum foam into collapsing to a point of manifestation. I saw that on the level of the “Unified Field” I was literally in charge of stimulating endless possibilities into creating actualized manifest realities. I realized that I am indeed creating from “0” and then quite literally, stepping into the creation of my making.

And to top it off, in my 2 to 3 hours outside of my office hours in the dome, working in my studio, I have been designing this whispering as an object of conceptual and realized art (The Golden Discus Ring)… but that’s another story.

So I must say that this plump little zero is “bursting” with overwhelming gratitude. This time I can say that this gratitude is definitely directed—directed toward Maharishiji, for presenting the essence of the “Ved” on the level of words and phrases—towards Dr. John Haglin for presenting the essence of the “Ved” on the levels Quantum Physics and Super String Theories—and the essence of the “Ved” on the levels of Art through my own self-referral process.

Vedo hum… (I am the Ved)

Jai Guru Dev

Also see...

December, 28th 2006
February 10th 2007
Hada’s commentary




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