William Buehler

Rev. William Buehler

Founder of Woodrose of the Channels”

The following salient words
are a direct response to Hada’s
experience with an open wound
in his right leg, when he fell upon
a  steel stake while adjusting the
smoke  flaps of his Tipi.

Anything and everything that
happens in and around Hada’s
Tipi is very significant.


Thanks for the inspiring note.

I know full well what it is to wake up every
morning remembering the cancer. I applaud your
outstanding introspection and your dealing with it.

Reminding you that the RIGHT knee is bent in honoring the Divine, the left knee for Temporal authority. That is, your right leg wound is reflecting ability to administer temporal concerns in the spirit-to-matter realm. (I think we discussed this.) I have three things to add:

1. This graphic might be of interest:


2. This side of the Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul uses the expanded chakra base including hands and feet. The other side of the planet uses the seven designed for illumination.... very poor however for grounding and managing sciences and temporal activites. Pay very close attention to developing and clearing your hands, feet and connectives: arms/legs. As an artist and craftsman you are already ahead of most people but "most" people doesn't cut it. You have a highly advanced project demanding VERY clear grounding and you are fortunate to be its lightning rod!

3. Your Pillar has a harmonic counter part that is rapidly expanding in the Atlantic, a major support for the overall composite "Messianic" Grid, effectively the "2nd Coming" of the Messiah in Judeo Christian terms... the genuflecting on the right knee is in that ball park. The blood connection is the "Grail Blood (and Water)" so you'd probably better do some studying of the Grail dynamics. The Reshel is the nearest thing to "the Grail" that I've found in terms of State of Being and related energetic dynamics... the Grail is a sub-system.

Here are a few references:


Note the Zenxii 6 states of being: very close to "Grail Consciousness." The Aeriopax is the primary Reshel system used to drive the Ascension dynamics. This was used by Thoth in rebuilding my light bodies, along with parts of the above graphic (re the thigh wound archetype).


A few more details re the Aeriopax.


Regarding the "Pillar" the "Imtara Rhis" grid spans the Atlantic, a major one in 1398 CE Sinclair Grail project into the Americas but is now being radically expanded. The Central Pillar (Ruta) is apparently coding the "New Race" which will be a new human/stellar strain of DNA in the Real Universes of the Ranna Time Wave (Atassic Universe: Sacred Heart/Mazuriel and all the Universes in the full light spectrum). This Pillar is now installed that the very complex grid is just beginning to build; this is basically my main project in this continuum re my own dharma and also others involved.

I view your own project as a direct harmonic... two large resonant antennas?


The original grid circa 1398. Ruta was connected through Time (8 days of Time Storms preceded). The chart is not intended to be geographically accurate, it is mainly a spiritual schematic.


The 1st worksheet of the upgrade. The central pillar is already in action, big time. Its coding and processing the new DNA and "Kadmon" template already. The subordinate grids are starting to be installed now. When this spins it rotates down through southern Europe, covers the North Atlantic.



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