Wallace Black Elk




(Little Eagle)

   Wallace Black Elk    

During a meeting with Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, March 10th, 1997, Hada from AR<T, asked Grandfather if He personally supported the project “Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” and if he did, would he accompany him to the Bering Strait to ask the Inuit Elders for their support. Then, just as Hada was about to read an article on “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” to enliven Grandfather’s memory of the project, a great wind burst open the front door of his little house.

The conversation:


Grandfather Wallace Black Elk & Hada—March 10th, 1997

Hada spoke first:

“Do you have anything to say?... I don’t know if I should take my pipe (C'anupa) out, load it, and present the pipe to you—with this request or not. Do you think I should do that or...”

    “No... that will be done through the C'anupa. (I felt he meant ‘through the C'anupa’ as in the Stone Peoples Lodge.) So I’m not just... just take something... and just, in my own hands... do something... without... without asking permission from the spirit... because... this is one... that your saying is... prophecies.”

“It is what?

    “This is one of the prophecies!”

“I felt that.”


“Very strongly, I felt that.”

    “So, the message will be global. Its a global problem. Its not just the United States or (????) or Mexico. Were all in boxes. So that’s how come we have imaginary lines dividing us...
    ...and that gold you mentioned is the blood of the Mother Earth, but is misused. In the name of ‘IN GOLD WE TRUST’ their making destructive tools like atomic bombs, hydrogen, neutron, laser beams. So that fear... that doubt... goes around the Universal Mind. It contaminates the minds. Then when it does, it creates a shadow of fear. So that’s how come we have lines. The way the laws read, we’re distancing ourselves from each other... your way, my way, their way...”

Grandfather continued to talk for another four hours, subtly referring to our project, but I felt the lines above were the most potent.

Grandfather passed over, during a Inipi Ceremony, on Sunday, January 25th, 2004, at about 3:00 in the afternoon.



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