Maia Chrystine Michaelilu Shamayyim has been working with an Enochian Master named “Thoth/Tehuti” of the “Chariot Of The Sun,” on setting a “Golden Disc” within the ethereal space of Colorado’s San Luis Valley. When she was told that a project entitled “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” was preparing to build a “Golden Discus” on the physical plane of existence within this same area, she went to Thoth/Tehuti, and asked,

“Please comment on the Golden Discus One Thousand Petaled Lotus which is being conceptualized as a major planetary project.”

Thoth/Tehuti, responded saying,

“There are one thousand Masters working to achieve this goal. Understand that the Discus project, which we call ‘Hadauramkcha,’ in actuality, began in Lemuria shortly after the separation of the Adamic Tribes. Its manifest form at that time was a living creation, what we might describe in your perception as an etheric-physical high devic being. It was created by the spiritualized thoughts of many people desiring unity in consciousness. In that age human beings still contained the ability to project thoughts into manifest form, and thus the Hadauramkcha was brought into the circle of life. This entity form fed the people as manna from Heaven. It sustained their seed of divinity and they nourished it in return. However, some became too dependent on this creation, seeing it as separate from their own divinity, which out pictured it, and began to worship the Hadauramkcha as a Goddess unto itself. Seeing this division from the divine plan, the one thousand Masters disengaged the life force from the Golden Lotus, and the discharge was taken back into the consciousness of those many who brought it into being. Because certain of these souls were not balanced with their own God-Self, the re-receiving of the charge caused them to become as nomads wandering in the desert of a dispirited mind. They were known as the ‘Kumtshee’—‘those who are without the seed.’ The masters of the Golden Lotus sorrowed for the Kumtshee, but they could not allow the vampirizing of this sacred manna. It had been intended as an outward manifestation of the Divine Spirit in all creation. Those who sought to control it and worship it must come into the fold of their own spirit before they could accept non-attachment to the Golden Lotus.

“Through time there have been other levels of development of the Hadauramkcha, each being offered as a step to unite the Spirit of the World with the Spirit of the Planet. Until the Kumtshee souls can accept their true role in this process it cannot be completed. Once again, this time through the Golden Discus, the offer will be made to all who participate in this planet’s consciousness.

“Hada’s Discus (Hada is the name of the artist who originally conceived the piece), when crafted, yet before it receives the prayers of mankind, will be charged with a one thousand fold ‘setra,’ a Lemurian word for a Divine Harmonic equal to the flashing pulse of the Central Sun of the Universe. Each petal of the Lotus will contain a hologram of the entire setra of the Discus. In turn, the Lotus Discus will be calibrated with the Ten thousand fold setra of the Golden Disc set by the Master Builders within this Sacred Valley (San Luis). The Valley’s Disc is the Earth node for the Lotus. The two will be as one.

“The setra charge will be initiated into the Lotus Discus by the ‘Sinai Fragments,’ which are also a part of the prophecy—‘a missing piece of tablet.’ There are several levels of unfoldment of this prophetic statement. The Sinai fragments are one of these levels. They carry the charge of the Ark of Grace, a charge that is equivalent to the first living Hadauramkcha.

“There is much more to be revealed concerning the Golden Discus, the living Hadauramkcha, and the Sinai Fragments. We will reveal these things as the sacred measure descends into your reality and these factions of the whole are united through time.

“In conclusion, be aware that the gold employed in the physical crafting of the Golden Lotus Discus will be of transmuted quality. In order to achieve the right vibrational essence for this transmutation, it must be collected from all parts of the world, from sacred places that will offer gifts of ancient gold.

“Chariot Of The Sun’ offers its services toward the accomplishment of the Lotus project, as it is part of the same prophecy as the Sinai Fragments, which register under our manifest authority.”

In subsequent dialogues with Thoth/Tehuti, it was made clear that the gold used in the Golden Discus Ring and the duplicate petals given to “Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ One Thousand Mother Divine” would not have to be derived solely from sacred places. He said as long as there was a good tithing of ancient gold, the right vibrational essence would be achieved and the desired transmutation accomplished.

Early in his statement, Thoth/Tehuti mentioned that this ancient Discus project, since the time of Lemuria when it was a living being, was know to all as Hadauramkcha. We were quite taken to hear the sound Hada, the name of the artist, as the first four letters of Hadauramkcha. Thoth/Tehuti later explained that the Hada in Hadauramkcha meant “harken”—listen carefully, give your full attention to... The rest of the word, he said, was difficult to translate, but the term “Boti Sattva” was close. Boti Sattva from our understanding would mean enlightenment, to give of one’s self to all, and in this context, we feel it meant the flow of manna to the being of “all” from the enlightened “unity” of this being. Hadauramkcha would then mean, “Listen carefully to this enlightened flow of manna—the food that sustains the seed of your divinity.” And in turn, the artist Hada is that that listens carefully, and we ask you to give full attention to this Hada.

At later dates, Thoth/Tehuti was asked to comment about “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” role in the new planet regarding the placement of the pylon in the Bering Strait—as to its influence on the Earth's grid systems, etc..

Thoth's/Tehuti’s responses were as follows:

“‘Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ will act as a ‘karmic-breaking’ circuit, allowing the Grace Factor more definition. This will clear entrapped energies along the grids without the need for such a high degree of cataclysmic event.”

“The ‘Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ area is the crown chakra for the reorientation patterning that has to come into place to facilitate the new Earth Star.”

“After the reorientation is completed. ‘Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ will be the Earth Star’s new North Pole.”


Maia Christianne
& her wolf Shakina



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