Simeon Nartoomid

Simeon Nartoomid

Co-Founder of Spirit Heart Sanctuary

Aloha Hada,

I read your piece
carefully and asked
Thoth to overlight
me as I did.

What follows is
what flowed out
of that experience:

This is a very well articulated piece,
Deadline/Birthline... Winter Solstace 20012,
that represents your own most expanded understandings. I get a very strong sense in reading it that your new deadline for Heaven's Stepping Stones is something which establishes a reference point for you and Hadani in your own dharmic journeys, and as well helps define a reference point within the collective dharma path as well.

The one thing that I have learned clearly in the last 15 years [and most notably during the last 5] is that our human dharma is something of the essence and takes form according to our desire to give it form. The form we give it is entirely of our own choosing. It is true also that there are inter-dimensional agencies like Thoth and Chariot of Sun for example, that will specific seed thought-forms into the planetary akashic fields of thought for us to germinate.

These seeds can at times include a few form parameters so to speak. The questions I see that need to be held in mind during this dharmic journey are:

1) What is the essence of this dharma?

2) How do I best manifest that essence inwardly-outwardly today to the next degree in my own inner-outer life?

The Heavens Stepping Stones project will thus become your new teacher [it has been already and likely you are aware of that] for the next phase of the dharmic journey. Herein you re-affirm that principle and set a solid goal to that end, and that is beautiful Hada, very beautiful indeed.

Your project helps you hold your aspirations on a plane of awareness that is beyond your own need and desire, and yet it must incorporate your own sustenance as well. The vision of the Golden Lotus sitting upon the spiral spire hundreds of feet above the Bering Straits is the vision of your own consciousness elevated to its most liberated state of being.

I see the project and that level of consciousness in you coming to fruition fairly close together in time-space.

Winter Solstice of 2012 is a powerful cosmic trigger, one which demarks a threshold of consciousness in the heavens pouring into the earth. Yet, how the collective soul of humanity upon the earth responds to this trigger is the paramount factor in determining what changes will take place ,and when they will take place on earth in the collective experience.

To the cosmos, a few more thousand years is but a drop in the bucket. For the cosmic forces to send forth a cosmic trigger such as 12/21/2012 represents and then to have it take thousands of earth years to unfold its full beauty in consciousness would be very quick indeed if one looks at other evolutionary programs of Light and how long they took to "open the bud" of consciousness they held. Some of them took millions of years to do so.

Yet, the potential exists for a quantum shift that will dwarf all others which have ever graced the face of the earth. As we move forth towards whatever goals inspire us within and without, it is of the utmost importance at this time for us to realize that our projects, goals and aspirations are but the mere shadow of what animates them underneath. There will come a time, when the form of these inspirations must fall away like the booster rocket that launches the satellite into orbit.

When that time comes, will we be ready and able to let go of the form of these things? Will we be able to even recognize it is time to let go?

I do not know the answer to these last two questions. I can only pray and hope that I and others will be able to do so. Thoth indicates this will be vitally important to the ascension of earth.

Until then, we do what we can to stay inspired and moving in the dharmic direction, I applaud you for championing that cause in a way that makes it easier for others to see as well.

Peace be with you both.

Ua ola loko i ke aloha
[love brings life within],




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