Michael Cain

Michael Cain

Professor Emeritus
Maharishi University of Managment


I found your text, “Deadline/Birthline...
Winter Solstice 2012”
, beautifully written,
a magnificent spontaneous articulation
of visions to which you are privileged,
visions that I so much admire and delight in
as the highest kind of art.

Even though your vision makes it seem
critical for earth that Heaven's Stepping Stones be realized by earth's Birthline, since you are not in control of your vision or its destiny, having dedicated your life to this project, you can only live in gratitude to your dharma and never let your heart shrink out of concern that this project may not be completed on time. Not that you shouldn't do everything you can to make your project happen, as all your fans fervently hope it will, but you must also remember that whatever happens as you attempt to implement your vision is as much a part of god's inscrutable plan as the vision itself, not something for which you are in any way responsible.

Think how little the visions of Black Elk and myriad other visionaries changed anything. We want to believe that visions and their embodiment in the life of seers and of communities able to appreciate visions are all that matter. Yet not only visions but also how little often results in the eternal mix of the divine and its seemingly unenlightened opposites are the perfection of life.

It seems we can only vigorously do whatever we are given to do and, expecting nothing, perhaps even taking on a bit of the imperturbability of indifference, humbly wait to see what happens next, enjoying to the full while,

"on the vast canvas of the self,
  the picture of the manifold worlds
  is painted by the self itself
  and that supreme self itself
  seeing but itself,
  enjoys great delight.”

  translation, Coomaraswamy

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