Maharishi: You will go and...

“You will go to immortality!


you will take all those you love!”

It was late at night in The Hague, Holland. We were still Don & Suzanne Potts… it was within a day or two of the New Year Eve 1984/85 and we had not yet been named anew as Hada & Hadani. We were attending a course with our Guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Suzanne (Hadani) was sleeping deeply at my side. I was lying flat on my back, sweating from a slight fever. I gazed at the ceiling. Moonlight gently lit our little bedroom. My thoughts were subtle and noninvasive. I was at peace, just lying there, enjoying the subtle shades and textures of old deteriorating paint.

Maharishiji, "Namaste"

Then, without warning
Maharishiji’s voice filled
my head. It was total.
Every inflection from
Maharishiji’s accent to
his gentle,  lighthearted
personality was there.

He said something like,

“I love you.”

I immediately responded saying, “ I love you too, Maharishi.”

There was moment or two of silence… My mind went dead still and became acutely alert, yet my eyes continued to lazily observe the ceiling as if hearing and seeing were not of the same body.

Maharishiji spoke again, “I love you.” But it was not just a replay of his preceding words; his intonations were slightly different, as if he was approaching my understanding from a slightly different angle.

I immediately responded by saying, “I love you too, Maharishi” as I too slightly changed my intonations to follow Maharishiji’s. We continued this dance several more times using these simple words full of mysterious meaning.

After the first two or three exchanges, during the silence between the proclamations, I franticly searched for a question to ask Maharishiji. Some unknown grace had placed me mind to mind with Maharishiji and I wanted to take full advantage of the situation, yet all I could do was to proclaim I too was in love… I finally abandoned the urges of my desire and surrendered into the sweetness of the exchange, the warmth of my bed, the dampness of my body and the cool ambiance of the moonlight in the antique room.

Maharishiji then went into a long period of silence… yet I could still feel his presence, as if Maharishiji was looking deeply into my mind or soul.

Breaking the silence, Maharishiji spoke a very strange phrase,

“Only you will go to immortality.”

My body immediately became the focus of my intention as each and every cell was reaching out towards my wife Suzanne. It was as if the ovular cross section of my body was leaning into more of a rounded parallelogram toward my wife lying at my side. My back remained firmly attached to the bed, yet my chest and solar plexus desperately reach out for Suzanne.

I found myself responding, “No… No… only if my wife comes with me.”

Then again, after a short moment of silence, Maharishi spoke with a slight shift in intonation, “Only you will go to immortality.”

And again my body reached out towards Suzanne as I spoke, “No… No… only if my wife comes with me.”

Maharishiji and I went through several cycles of that exchange also.

And again Maharishiji ended the almost hypnotic exchange by going into a prolonged period of silence…

I, as before, could sense his presence within the silence, but this time it felt like Maharishiji demeanor was developing into a silent chuckle, and just a moment before it would manifest out loud, he spoke in a beautiful compassionate tone of unconditional love,

“You will’ go to immortality… and ‘you will’ take all those you love”…

     Then he was gone…

I lie there for quite some time; now totally oblivious to the tracking of the moon across the ceiling, or space/time, for that matter, as I pondered deeply into the meaning of the exchange.

After days, if not months, of contemplation, I felt Maharishiji’s words were meant to enliven my awareness of self to move from a more commonplace form of fractured identity or individuality into a true unified whole assessment of Self. “Aham Bhramasmi”—“I am totality!” Which I’m sure is true.

Yet in retrospect, I now see that Maharishiji very cleverly prophesied, or sparked me into attempting a masterpiece… a work that would conclude my existing and ancestral Dharma.

I would describe this Masterwork as:.

“An attempt to create an instrument in the form of a monumental work of conceptual and realized Art...designed to influence Dharma, at its moment of decision, for the highest—most Heavenly outcome—of the up and coming dimensional shift in our levels of consciousness. And to gather the tribes of Humanity and pass, with collective intention, what has remained, or has remembered, as Dharmic into this newlife form.”

In other words…

”Take the totality of myself, and all those I love, and pass it through its Deadline//Birthline with as much conscious and creative awareness I can master—to literally co-create an immortal, cosmic, multi-dimensional and transformational butterfly out of this linear, mortal, surface bound, ego oriented, dualistically paralyzed caterpillar called Humanity.”

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