Maharishi: Champion of the Century

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December, 8th 2006
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On August 20th 2006,
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
spoke directly to Hada saying:

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“You are like 
The Champion
of the  


charmed by the proclamation!

During part of the  month of August and most of
September 2006, Hada & Hadani were participants
of the “Invincible America Assembly,”—the largest
scientific demonstration project ever to monitor
the effects of of 2000 advanced Transcendental
Meditation experts on national trends.

As part of the course Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talked
to the conference participants every day unfolding
intellectual understanding of the “mechanics of
invincibility from the Vedic point of view. This was
accomplished via a video-conferencing link to
Flowdrop Holland, The Golden Domes in Fairfield
Iowa, (where Hada & Hadani participated)
Washington D.C. and Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.

A time was set aside every day for participants  to
present their experiences during their meditation
program to Maharishiji and then he would unfold
profound knowledge based on their experience.

On August 20th Hada took the mic and expressed
that as an artist, he felt his life’s purpose was to
pierce the dream of the waking state. That he had
heard Maharishiji on a number of occasions
mention, “ Only a hint to the wise is sufficient.”
He mentioned he had heard many of Maharishiji’s
hints and he had used them as arrows for his piercing.
He said that the experience he was sharing today
was the swelling of extreme gratitude. A gratitude
that was not directed in any pacific direction;
not to Maharihiji, Guru Dev, The Holy Tradition or
even his wife. Just a pure, simple profound gratitude.

Maharishiji response to Hada was very personal
and unprecedented when he said:

“You have done well.
“Very well.

“Life was worthwhile, just for those experiences.
“Just continue.
“Well done.
“It’s so beautiful.

“You are like The Champion of the Century!...

“It’s very good.

“People feel good in your nearness.
“Your like a magnet. They will be
  drawn to you like metal fillings.”

I’m paraphrasing the following, because I can’t
remember the exact words spoken to Hada, but
they went something like this:

“It’s probably not important that you
  speak to them, because they won’t hear.
  (Meaning, they won’t have the experiences
  that long time mediators have, so they
  won’t understand.)
But you can speak to
  them or not, it’s up to you.”

“It’s very beautiful.
“Quietly continue.”

This response, as you can imagine, was very
fulfilling to Hada & Hadani. They are so grateful
to have received such personal attention from
a Holy Being who is considered, by many, as an
impersonal master.

Since then Hada and Hadani have made 3 one year
commitments, since Hada’s 70th birthday, (Oct. 5th 2006)
to stay on the course meditating up to eight hours a
day to bring invincibility to America and the World.

World Invincibility is a very definite prerequisite to
the successful outcome of The AR<T Foundation’s
Project, “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”

Hada also gave a series of experiences after his return
which have great significance, especially to the successful
finalization of  ”Heavens Stepping Stones” design and

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