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“Walks the Spiral Path of the Bear”

  • Hada felt he must create a space that reeked of his presence...
  • A place that unmistakably announced his existence...
  • A place to make physical contact with the others... 

He felt that they, the others, which are rarely seen in the synthetic world, just might expose themselves in the enlivening pure energy of nature, far away from the dulling toxicity of electrical & magnetic fields.

In the Siskiyou Mountains
of Oregon, on The Land of
Hada was given this
opportunity. If he were in
India he might have chosen
a cave or the embracing
eves of a Bunyan Tree.
But here in America, given
his experience with the
, he chose a Tipi as
the object of his personal


  • The following presents the symbolic content of his
    personal presentation, simply called, Hada’s Tipi:

The Bear (Hada) actually uses Hada’s signature as its path. The black band represents the earth or the inner realm (as feminine). The tan or raw canvas represents the surface where we move and live in or the outer realm (where Dharmic male and female marry). The Bear goes to the source, into the earth or inner realm, but does not quite reach the bindu—the pure source. The best he can do is circle it, marry it, bond with it, lay with it, seed it, get as close as he can to it. Then from this silence (hibernation, meditation, the inner dive, marriage to Shakti) the next action is born.

Hada walks the spiral, but he requires Hadani (the breath of Hada, the essence of Hada) who's essence resides in the bindu, to bring the message from the source to him. Notice that when he comes out of the silence and walks on the surface of life (outer reality) he also simultaneously walks on the inner reality (true marriage). Can you see the faint tracks of  his right feet below the surface of life, in the black?

Tipi skin laid out flat for painting

The little black dots, circled with red, starting in the white area and multiplying as you look upward, represent the Bear's (Hada's) desires, born or inspired at the source. They are like "Black Holes" and flow up or deep into Heaven's (inner masculine) developing future. These desires or Black Holes are constantly being fed with Hada's intent, represented by their red edging. Other reality's (probably similar to ours, but beyond our perception) take these desires and evolve them into a true Knowing or Known—just as we are evolving a true knowing for our Father or Lord. When this is achieved, this awareness is then presented to the Bear, from what appears to him as the source (his feminine nature as intuition), and a new direction is born based on that knowing. And so it goes on and on, cycling over and over again (feminine to masculine... feminine to masculine... etc.). Hada lives within this cycling and purposely walks the spiral—going to the source (feminine ) and then acting (masculine). The white band represents the light or intent flooding this reality from another Bear, Lord or Hada ("the supreme value of Shiva," a Sanskrit meaning given to the name Hada) that created us out of his desire to know. There are infinite levels of Lords desiring (masculine) as well as infinite levels of realities fulfilling those desires (feminine)—It’s all holographic. As it is above, so it is below.

Dharma is the flow that connects all this together—the pure marriage of masculine and feminine. To live in this Tipi one must be in Dharma. This Tipi's design depicts the mechanics of Dharma, from Hada’s point of view. The adharmic just wander around on the illusionary surface of life trying to fulfill the desires of their egos or the ego's of the prevailing programing, ie, schools, governments, religions, peers, parents, TV, advertising, etc etc. Yet, obviously, they are never satisfied or fulfilled. This is because they are out of the loop. They have never entered or desired to live in the Tipi. They live in a false reality. The adharmic will go into the wastebasket, just as an artist throws his unresolved sketches into the wastebasket. From Hada’s point of view, our Lord is about to empty the wastebasket into the trash. Only the Dharmic will continue and be worthy to be displayed as Works of Art in Heaven's Museum of contemporary Art, or in Hada’s terms AR<T.

The Bear walks all parts of the path. He is shown walking toward the entrance of the Tipi, this is because the Bear (Hada) is always going into the Tipi—meaning he is constantly working on seeing through the alluring illusion, and returning to (into the realm of) a true reality (Dharmic reality). As you know, the Adharmic is very sticky, an extraordinary, beautifully designed trap. It presents a true test of life or death, a choice we all must make—profound AR<T or the waste basket and eventually trashed.

The path of the Bear’s reality that flows around the base of the Tipi, reads from left to right... since Hada’s signature is written left to right. It is seen clockwise from the Earth (feminine) and counter clockwise from Heaven (masculine). This path is 2 dimensional, cycling linearly and time based.

There is another path that flows from the tipi. It is 3 dimensional and not time base. This path is shape like a torus (like a magnetic field or donut). It starts in the center, where lies a Shiva Lingam (a symbol of God as formless), and flows up and curves out somewhat following the spread of the tipi poles. Then curving back upon itself, it dives through the bindu’s of Hada’s signatures. Charging Hada’s intuition and sparking his intellect, it curves in and up towards center. Bringing the desires it has inspired, it condenses into the source, the Shiva Lingam.

This image of Shiva,
in the form of a Lingam,
is naturally formed of an
ice-stalagmite, and waxes
and wanes with the moon.
It is found in a cave in
Amarnath, India.

This path flows through the totality of the illusion of time (simultaneously, from all points of the past present and future as presented in the Worldly 2 dimensional path) and condenses into a unified totality before it broadly diversifies itself again at the base of the Tipi—cycles of expansion and contraction. Thus inspired by the infinite desires of diversity, the Divine Unity is thrilled to glance into the mirrored form of its unfolding immensity.

Hada’s 2 dimensional linear worldly path takes cyclical dives into the spiral of the signature and becomes 3 dimensional as the unfolding of Dharmic reality containing all the cycles of past, present and future in all pasts, presents and futures... and direction is foreseen. This 2 dimensional path of Worldly existence is the sketchpad of Dharmic unfoldment. It is its catalyst. There can be no other "profound" reason for its existence... at least, none that Hada has found!

The Tipi is built on a slope. The slop flows from North to South—from wisdom to correct action—as Native American's would say "it travels the Red Road." The entrance faces east, to the newness of the spin—to the unknown. The altar is in the west, bringing the wisdom of the Holy Traditions—Dharmic knowledge gained and presented from the past. In the center, east of the Shiva Lingam, is the fire pit—transforming cocoons into butterflies—transforming awkward sketches into Divine Works of AR<T.

    Within this sacred space, Hada sleeps,
    meditates, facilitates ceremony, and
    awaits the others.


  • I’ve had several bear encounters since I’ve been sleeping & hanging out in my tipi:

    I did something stupid!

A wood rat was coming into the tipi at night and he ate off one of the paws of White Flow,—a sacred wolf robe. I was quite angry. I spoke to the rat, night after night, face to face, but he did not respond to my pleas, so I set a live trap to get rid of him… and here's the stupid part—I put peanut butter in the trap. Yes, I caught a couple of rats and I took them far away and let them loose. But I also brought in a bear! As far as I can determine, this bear was coming down the trail towards my Tipi when he caught the scent of the enticement (the dab of peanut butter). He came over and standing up, he leaned onto the canvas for balance, just to the right of the doorway. He inadvertently popped a couple of holes in the canvas with his claws and then realized the goodies were around back (the west side). He then went to exactly where the trap was set, stood up and ripped a big opening in the canvas. He pulled my Buffalo Skull and some other sacred objects off my altar and onto the ground and just as he was about to grab the trap, something must have scared him off. I only assume that, because he never got to the peanut butter that was just a reach away. I can't imagine a bear walking away from his prize, unless something scared him off. I arrived at the Tipi and upon stepping in; I suddenly became aware of this large hole facing me. It was dark outside and the beam of my flashlight seemed to just dissolve into the gap. This void felt surrealistic and final. I became deeply upset. My space was so crudely violated, that I just turned around and went back to the trailer and slept with Hadani. I would deal with this physical and emotional mess in the morning… Thankfully my torn emotions quickly settled and stitched together even before I fell asleep, but the physical tear required hundreds of sutures, over a six week period, sewing about an hour each day.

    The finished repair:


Well, as Hadani pointed out, the tipi sure has a lot of bear energy in it now!

And that void, that surrealistic finality… “Did the bear give me a glimpse of the fullness of emptiness?” No wonder my emotions ignited. It reminds me of an experience, many years ago, while I was talking with Hadani. All of a sudden in the middle of a light conversation, I dropped into this enormous space of emptiness. It was darker than dark. It was a humongous void that was overwhelmingly full. I experienced it for but a moment and then jump right out of there. I couldn’t handle it. I have often thought, “Why did I not stay a while and check it out!” But I guess it was too much for my tender psyche.

I think of the name given to me by the sun—“Walks the spiral path of the bear” and the way I draw it:

000 signiture 150px opt04I walk the spiral but never quite reach the center, the bindu, the void, the Selah, the primordial pure Samhita that give rise to and permeates all of creation. I then return to the surface value of life to act, and again, repeat the cycle over and over again. (The Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhundus). Yet my very essence is the center, but my dharma is to act—Lord Krishna’s message to Arjuna in “The Bagavad Gita.” Action on this plain of existence is all so consuming, all so overshadowing that one can forget the point of the action. One tends to forget we are artists unfolding the essence of the Divine, so she may behold her image.


yogasthah kuru karmani

Established in being perform action.                          

 Lord Krishna’s message to Arjuna in “The Bhagavad Gita 2.48.

I thank the bear for a giving me yet again another glimpse of my true nature. Twice I have seen it… Twice I have balked… They say the third time is a charm.

    I did something else stupid!

Because I realized I could not use any bait to entice the rats into my trap, I decided to use rat poison to get rid of them. Well... one night I had this outrageous stomach pain, so I went to the tipi early. As I lay in bed, trying to relax, far in the distance, I could hear dogs barking crazily… like they do when they come across something big and scary. Then all of a sudden the barking stopped and I could hear a fain sound coming from a distance. As it got closer I could hear a deep guttural sound, that went something like this, OOOOUUUU-WWHhaaa". The "WWHhaaa" sounded like the emptying of large lungs. It was coming up the trail toward my tipi. As it came near the entrance, I could feel his weight as he passed. It was as if he was moaning with every breath. Then he went up the rest of the trail very fast, because the sound quickly died in the distance. The animal must have smelled me as it passed and decided to get out of there pronto. I was in great pain, so I couldn't gather the energy to go to the door and get a peak at it. Obviously it sounded like a bear and I'm sure it was one. And... It sounded like this bear also had a stomachache. Then an agonizing thought arose in me. I became aware of the excruciating death I was putting these rats through. I don't feel the bear ate any of the poison, or a poisoned rat, instead, I feel he was mirroring me... to point out my genocide.

I must say... “Was not a rat’s torturous death, my excruciating stomach ache, and the bears moaning, as he passed by my tipi, not all interrelated, if not totally tied together on the quantum level? Was I not experiencing three alternatives of the same reality simultaneously taking place in the same space-time? Were they not all me? The doer (Hada)—The receiver (a rat)—The processor, awakener, translator (the bear)?”

“How many times have I, inadvertently, become the processor, awakener, translator to mirror some one? Or how many times have I felt victimized? Am I really virtuously innocent… and not in the thick of it? Hardly! How ugly is the beautiful/How beautiful the ugly.

That is full; this is full. From fullness, fullness comes out.
Taking fullness from fullness, what remains is fullness.        

Isa Upanisad (introductry verse for several Upanisads

The next day I woke up feeling fine, emotionally and stomach wise, and immediately got rid of the poison. Later when talking with Christer & Margareta (our benefactors), she explained to me why the dogs stopped barking so abruptly. She had been walking the dogs when all the dogs, accept one, became very fearful of what they had found in the forest border and, barking wildly, made a beeline back to her. She, of course, became very apprehensive and called back the brave dog. They all happy retreated, thus ending the hysterical barking.

           There’s something I need to add here.

It took me quite awhile to see this... but these rat incidences all happened after returning from a two month stay in a hospital with my wife Hadani.

Hadani was on the edge of death and even though we both knew living or dying wasn’t the point—the point was to make it through an intense transition she was undertaking, to reach a high level of spiritual freedom—she was finally diagnosed with Lupus, treated and is now very much alive and thriving with a greater sense of freedom than she has ever known.

I wrote about this in the piece entitled, “Hadani the Wolf.” Lupus means Wolf and in the opening statement, I mention, “It has been said, that a wolf will devour its own leg to gain freedom from a trap.” I now realize that the rat that invaded my tipi and gnawed off the paw of the sacred wolf robe called White Flow completed this image. White Flow is the protector of my staff “Chartaka.” Chartaka is usually presented erect, like a lingum—Shiva. White Flow is usually wrapped around Chartaka’s base like a yoni—Shakti. Chartaka is as much me as I and the yoni is the Shakti Hadani. Its quite fitting that Hadani, the Wolf, should be shown with her foot gnawed off... thus, symbolizing her intense desire for freedom.

Its interestingto note, that in “Chinese Star Signs” I, Hada, am shown as a Rat and Hadani a Dog (Wolf).

    I missed an opportunity.

One morning, half-awake/half-asleep, I heard something moving around outside. it was subtle, but sounded big, like a deer or something moving quietly across the dry leaves.

    There is a 4 to 5 inch (10 to13cm) opening that surrounds the lower edge of the tipi, between the canvas and floor deck where the structural poles rise upward. I sleep on the south side of the tipi, so this opening next to my bed is about 4 feet (1 and a third meter) above the ground. Though this space that surround the floor of the tipi, I can get a small glimpse of the immediate outside.

Now fully awake, I decided to sit up, as quietly as I could, in hopes that I might see, through the small opening surrounding the tipi, what was moving outside. Just beyond the end of my bed I saw some black fur. Its funny, but I first thought it was this big boar we had just captured. Somebody's pig went fero (wild) and had been living in nature for quite some time, considering the size of his tusks, and decided he liked rooting up our lawns and tearing down branches from our apple trees for the succulent fruit the wild doesn't display in abundance. He was in Heaven, but creating a one Hell of a mess for us, so we tricked him into an enclosure with a trail of grain. I was the one in charge of feeding him and it turned out we became good friends. Its because of our friendly relationship that I thought it was the boar; that he had escaped and came searching for me. I wondered how he found me... and then I realized the fur was not short and muddy, but long and silky. Suddenly, a paw appeared and It had long black claws.

It was a bear.

    I assume, he was standing on his hind legs with his right paw on the tipi's superstructure, sniffing the air, and when he twisted to the right to get another perspective, his left paw slipped under the opening.

I clapped my hands and he was off like lightning. What a stupid reaction... It may have been a social visit! !

  • Had I not created this space that reeked of my presence...
  • To unmistakably announced my existence...
  • To make physical contact with the others?

At least, I could have attempted to reach down and touch his paw with my hand. To "count coup," so to speak, like the Lakota (Sioux Indian) once did. Well... that defiantly was a lost opportunity… yet, what a great learning experience for me and the bear.

We are so conditioned. Operating on the level of all possibilities is not automatic and like all things, it must be learned. Which means the old conditioning must be eliminated and this requires great bravery, like “counting coup.”

    First I...
    inadvertently, did something quite stupid!

    Then I...
    found myself doing something stupid, again!

    But his time...
    I “chose” to do something stupid.

In describing the symbolic content of the tipi I refer to a key element—a Shiva Lingam—yet this Lingam had not yet been installed.

I found myself having to discriminate between two seemingly stupid actions.

On one hand, I looked forward to another encounter with a bear, but I was reluctant to just blatantly invite it in with worldly enticements.

    But before I mention what was on the other hand, I should explain a little about this particular Shiva Lingam I was to place in the tipi. This Lingam is not commercially machined polished to a high sheen. Instead, it appears to have reached its final shape by hand rubbing with a natural course material. It obviously wasn’t refined for commercial profit. The markings on it are perfect and it was probably used in a temple. More than likely, a sadu brought it up from the bed of the Narmada River high in the mountains of Mandhata, one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India, and sitting upon its bank, spent quite a few years singing mantras and rubbing sand on the Lingam until its symmetry was perfect. Sliding my hand over the surface I can feel the paths his hand took. It was not important for him to put a final polish on the stone, because he knew the Lingam would be properly cared for. In any case the sadu probably did not have the means to take the stone to a more polished state even if he wished to. Uncared for the Lingam appears painfully dry and just a stone. But with the use of unguents, it radiates the fullness of life it symbolizes. I feed the Lingam by generously coating its surface with sandlewood oil. Considering its unguent coating, this Lingam will put out a intoxicating aroma that will probably be smelled by every bear in Jefferson county. The exotic aroma of sandlewood oil is not natural to the bears living in the Siskiyou Mountains and I’m not sure they would even be enticed by it… but the smell is sweet and… well, I’m not sure… there will be the curious. The Black Bear, especially here in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon are very shy and timid, but I’ve noticed that with any animal and even some humans, when food is present, determination runs high. With one swipe of a paw even a small black bear could break a mans back.

So on the other hand, to complete the symbology of the tipi, I must place the Shiva Lingam and possibly lure in a bear or a multitude of them with worldly enticements.

I was in a quandary. I discussed it with my wife Hadani. I mentioned I could create a Lingam on a potter’s wheel, complete with yoni etc., that would satisfy the requirements of the design, but it would not have the power of the Narmada River, the mantras, the perfect markings, etc., etc. Knowing me, she certainly understood the depth of my dilemma… and, probably because I had just been diagnosed with Lymphoma, an old tape replayed and she said, “Why push it?”

We left it at that.

That night, around midnight, a bat flew down and into my tipi. Its flight woke me up and with flashlight in hand, I watched it circling the interior for quite some time. It would stop and hang upside down on canvas or pole once and awhile, just so I could see it was indeed a bat, and then left.

The next morning, I went to one of my resource books called “ANIMAL-SPEAK, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small.” The keynote under bat was: Transition and Initiation. It spoke of bats as reflecting a need to face our fears… the imaging that results from fears that are incubating are often much worse than the actual facing of the fears, themselves. An old story, one we all have heard, but in this case, it was spoken to me by a bat with exact timing.

That same night, Hadani had a similar experience.

Waking, she remembered herself saying, “Why push it,” and instantly an image from a book by Richard Bach expanded her mind. It was an image that has often inspired her to let go of an ordinary liner way of thinking for the magic and mystery of life facing life.

 In the book, two sea creatures are clinging to a rock and the conversation between them go something like this:

    I’m tired of clinging onto this rock and I’m going to let go and see where the it takes me.” Horrified, the other creature responds, “Let go? You’ll be taken away by the current and smashed against the rocks!” Unscathed, the courageous one continues, “I’d rather be crushed against the rocks than simply live a life of hanging on”… and he lets go.

“Why push it,” was definitely hanging on and Hadani couldn’t wait to see me in the morning and with a big hug, whisper into my ear, “Go for it!”

I can’t remember who told their story first, but the Lingam was placed in the center of the tipi completing the symbolic intention of its design and an intoxicating aroma now permeates the space I share with the Siskiyou Black Bear, on the far back corner of the “Land of Heart,” twenty paces from thousands of acres of B.L.M. land.

the tipi’s
on its

That night I started reading “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho, as I... await the others.


  • Anything and everything that happens in and within close proximity to my tipi is a speaking—a speaking from the Divine.

On one cloudy morning,
early November, 2005,
I had such a speaking.

I was leaving my tipi to begin my day when it started to rain heavily. I went around the back to move the poles that position the smoke flaps. Moving hastily, I got both of my legs caught in a rope. Tied and tackled, my hinging/pivoting body fell down the south-facing incline with great force. My right leg took the initial impact as it crashed against a steel stake.

 I lay there for a minute or two allowing the intense pain to settle. My pants were ripped, but there was no blood. I sat up and carefully slipped my pants over the wound exposing three skinned knots of swollen tissue jammed together like a banana split, the banana being my shin. Thankfully, the steel post had not gouged into my leg. I was able to walk and complete my morning my chores.

I limped for three uneventful days, then on the forth morning the pain in my leg escalated as I walked toward my studio. I felt very cold and started to shiver, this intensified into a shaking that was so intense that I could hardly walk over to our little trailer. I laid down on the sofa and Hadani placed a mountain of blankets over me and blew hot air from a small heater under them directly onto my clothed body. It took me about a half an hour, or so, to settle down and feel warm again.

Soon after, I found I could not walk. The pain was too great. My skin felt like it ripped with each step. I was forced to crawl and my leg now looked awful—red, purple and swollen. Hadani drove me to the nearest hospital.

They lanced the wound, expecting to release a ton of puss, but they got mostly old coagulated blood. I had damaged the inner tissue more than I thought which bled internally and then became infected. They gave me week’s worth of antibiotics and taught me how to pack the wound so it would heal from the inside out.

The week passed without much improvement.

At the follow up appointment the doctor/surgeon was much more aggressive in her probing of my wound and realized there was a large cavernous space that spread out from the lanced hole. It was the size of a silver dollar and was slightly conical. She packed my wound with 18 inches of ¼ inch gauze and prescribed 2 more weeks of stronger antibiotics and sent me home.

That night I started unfolding the “speaking.”

For one, I had an open wound in my right leg. I was sure there was some significance to this. One possible relationship was the “open wound (#9)” in the Titan Grid that spreads across Europe. I needed to run this by William Buehler—a walking encyclopedia on esoteric knowledge and Reshel grid patterns.

Then my attention went to the negative space created by the wound. I saw that it was very much like the form of the Golden Discuss Ring.

Then it hit me!

The layout of the Golden Discuss Ring placed upon an underwater granite-reef running between the Big and Little Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait (although not to scale) echoed the pattern of my right foot, shin and knee and the negative form of the Golden Discuss Ring.


I saw that I was literally giving birth to the Golden Discuss Ring in its womb like form in my right leg.

Amazing… especially since I had, just days before, told Hadani that I felt “NOW IS THE TIME” to finalize the design of the Golden Discus Ring.

William Buehler’s comments were that an open wound in the right leg, regardless of its placement, meant the inability to ground or administrate the task at hand (information passed down to him from Thoth/Tahoti). He also added that my cognition of the relationship between the pattern of the womb-form in my right leg to the proposed area of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” pointed directly to where my problem lie—the birth of the “Golden Discuss Ring.” He also added, in esoteric terms, the wound won’t heal until I address or solve the problem. So I have my work cut out for me.

I have made the designing of the Golden Discuss Ring my top priority. The wound is slowly healing. The womb like void is all but closed, yet the form of the Discus Ring still bulges high above the legs surface, indicating the developing manifest/embryonic form of the Golden Discuss Ring is now occupying the space. At this identical time, the Great Spirit has also found it fitting to raise my IGM blood readings (Waldenstrom’s, Lymphoplasmatic Lymphoma) from a tolerable level of 320 units or so to 2,000 units, which my blood doctor finds extremely concerning. So here we go again… My mind is almost completely absorbed into the designing of the Golden Discuss, but I must address the needs of my body to remain alive. So, as I see it, I must devote time and effort to ground and heal this body, which houses my ability to act, at least until the “Winter Solstice of 2012,” as I simultaneously dive deeply into my work. What a beautiful paradox.

A few nights later, I found myself overwhelmed by gratitude and I started to cry. Not use to crying, it sounded like the howling of a wild animal. I felt so honored. I was being treated so outrageously. I was birthing the Golden Discuss and looking Death right in the eye. I was experiencing my Deadline/Birthline. I went to Hadani, who was already asleep for the night, to share with her what I was experiencing. I placed my head on her chest as I sobbed and wailed. She woke up instantly and almost had a heart attract. She thought I might be experiencing great pain or even dieing. I had so much liquid poring out of my eyes, nose and mouth I thought I could be bleeding profusely. I then went into Hadani’s beautiful Pudja room and every time I looked at one of the Deitys presented there (Lalita, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Genesha (Herumba Ghanapati), Hanuman or the Holy images of the Tradition of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) I again went into a sobbing rapture.


I finally asked Hadani to come and do a Pudga (a thanksgiving ceremony to the Divine, through the Holy Tradition of Guru Deva and Maharishiji) and grounded myself into the Divine and then, climbing into bed with Hadani, I slept like a baby.

I am being honored and blessed with the experience of “administrating and grounding” my Birth into irrefutable Death and my Death into a “conscious intent” or prayer whispered into the ear of the “Divine Mechanics of Evolution” (personified dharma, as seen in its greatest impersonal sense) in its moment of decision that will create the level or quality of my*/our* inevitable Birth.

* Many years ago, Maharishiji prophetically whispered into my ear, “You ‘will’ go to immortality… and you ‘will’ take all those that you love.”


It had been about six months since my fall. The wound had healed over and the fetus had move into the womb of my computer.  My right leg looked fairly normal and the Golden Discuss Ring was in a beautiful stage of development.

Things were good and I found myself repeatedly singing this phrase internally, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” A beautiful phrase within a song, written by George Harris. I had no idea what triggered this recurring inner song, but it lasted for days. Even now, it is repeating within me. I mentioned to my wife Hadani, “That melody and its lyrics, they says so much to me—they are so beautiful and full of compassion.

And then a new development started to happen upon the surface of my right leg. The whole area around the wound that earlier had become infected, and then healed, started developing a rash as I kept singing, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Then, over days, the rash started weeping. My leg became sticky and wet. As the weeping started to dry, it looks and felt like sap from a tree. The surface would thicken and the weeping would fill this thickening creating a solid drip, which was amber in color and very sticky. If I picked off one of these drip like lumps, with my fingernail, a clear fluid would again start weeping from the spot.

I went to the Internet and within moments found the contents of the song that surround the beautiful phrase:

                                                     George Harrison, 1968

I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know why nobody told you how to unfold your love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surly be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don’t know how you were inverted
No one alerted you

I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps

Look at you all…
Still my guitar gently weeps

I, and through me—all those that I love, are becoming “Twice Born.” As I enter the space, gap or Selah between Deadline and Birthline, I find the creative process of designing the vehicle or Merkabah for this ascension—The Golden Discus Ring—a very emotional experience. I have been having a lot of experiences of “filled emptiness” that bring tears to my eyes. My guitar gently weeps.

I will go to immortality… and I will bring all those that I love. Yet, so many are so diverted, so perverted and inverted, will they answer the call? My guitar gently weeps.

The resonating of the walls of the large unmanifest chamber of my soul/Self—the thin boundaries that describe who I appear to be —Hada, responding to the play of the strings of dharma, is waking up the love that has been sleeping. And out of the sound hole or Selah comes a weeping.

William Buehler’s comment on the above was:

“I concur with your interpretation but I'd add that the leg/tree is a grounding situation as well as ascension. One demands the other. As the focus shifts to ascension the message of the open leg, leaking sap (tree's blood) is to deal with a physical situation coded in the song. There's a break in the Earth-Heaven link that is being signaled as vital. You should wring that out of the song on your own... open wound-link between heaven/earth and what the problem is in the physical”...

  • In the song “love sleeping” is a key element.
  • We or I do not know how to unfold this love.
  • So many are so diverted, so perverted and inverted.
  • Love sleeping, seams to me, is linked to “No one alerted you.”

 At first, I took William’s comments personally.
Then I looked at them globally.
Then I realized I left out the most important theme in the song:

  • The gentle weeping of the guitar.

Medicine man—David Swallow Jr.—once said to me and others in a I-ni-pi (Purification ceremony/sweat lodge). And I paraphrase this. “You are all here in this I-ni-pi are qualified and about to step through the fiery wall. Yet, when you are on the other side, with all that knowing and power, I warn you, with all the obvious ignorance blatantly displayed before you… You still won’t be able to do anything about it.”

I accept my situation. Yes, prayer and ceremony can soften the influence of the planets, but my karma still must be paid gracefully… as my guitar gently weeps. The same with social consciousness; things are as they are and they exist in developing perfection.


yogasthah kuru karmani

Established in being perform action.

The Bhagavad Gita 2.48.

The ramifications of karma are unfathomable…


The song also says,

  • I Look at the world and I notice it’s turning. (time)
  • With every mistake we must surly be learning. (time heals)

So yes, there’s hope. What’s called for is patience (time) and compassion. Let our guitars “gently” weep. As the last days upon Earth melt into Heaven, they are going to be very hard unless we can sing the patient song of compassion.

Awakened love is unconditional. True compassion is unconditional. Awaken, and physically weep and our tears will ground the paradox.

The Tree of Life will heal its wounds. The swirling vortex of Dharma swiftly passing through the nozzle of “The Golden Disk Ring” will make its decision.

We will find ourselves in a new reality and all this will seem like a dream. We will ground physical death into the density of this 3/4D medium and ascend like rockets toward immortality.


aham brahmasmi
I am totality.

I “will” go to immortality…
And I “will” bring all those that I love.

Of this I am sure… I am at peace!
As my guitar gently weeps…


    So, all and all, I'm quite happy
    with things as they are developing
    around and within the Tipi.

To be continued...




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