Key to Portugal

The Key to Portugal

  • A Fossilized Bear Tooth...
  • A Returning King...
  • The Destiny of Portugal...
  • The Grail Cup...
  • The Palacio da Pena...
  • A Doorway...

  • An incoming message:
    He clicked his curser and read:

“I must tell you this information. Its not my place to tell you, but its information you need to know. It has to do with a returning king—a bear—and possibly you”…


…”I’m not saying you are this king, but it sure is nice to have a bear among us!”

In the process of digesting this information, Hada remembered a fossilized bear jaw that was for sale in a small gem store in Lisbon. When he originally saw this jaw he vowed to return someday, when he had some money of course, and buy it. It was very expensive. Now he seamed to understand in some vague way why he made such a strange vow and felt a need to pay another visit to the gem store.

A train, a subway and a short walk and he was in standing front of the display case. The shopkeeper spoke a little English (Hada neither spoke or read Portuguese) and he asked to hold the jaw. He had a credit card that just might be able to contain the debt of the purchase. On one hand, he hoped it wouldn’t and then he could go home and put an end to this strange impulse that was driving him. He placed the credit card on the counter and asked the clerk to swipe his card just to test the balance of his credit. It was hard for him to focus on the jaw he held in his hands, as his mind was spinning with excitement and fear; it was a lot of money and for what… he wasn’t sure. A few moments later the transition receipt was place in front of him with a finger pointing to the line with an X in front and the word “signature” written underneath. He asked himself, “What am I doing” and the next thing he new, he was standing on the sidewalk in front of the shop with tears running down his face. The jaw was his.  He was very emotional and extremely grateful… but he didn’t know why!

Arriving home, he proudly placed the jaw in front of his wife Hadani. Her comment was, “This is not fossilized stone!” His mind twisted… all of a sudden he could see. The jaw was not stone; it was obviously very old but not fossilized stone and he could see that it had been repaired in spots. He felt so stupid. He felt that he had been taken, but no one took him. He set this up himself… He finally came to his senses.

The next day Hada tried to return the jaw, but the shopkeeper pointed to a sign that read “All sales final” or that’s what she said, it said. She did add that the owner of the shop, an anthropologist, would be back in a few days and he should talk to him.

That evening, sitting in the garden, Hada was studying the jaw and his attention was drawn to the large canine tooth. The cuspid was beautifully cracked like the crackle glaze on a raku pot. He could see the bulge in the bone where it surrounded the root. He wondered if the root was intact and could be released from the jaw. The rest of the jaw was becoming insignificant. He started chipping the old bone from the root and it broke away very cleanly. It now seamed that it was all about the tooth, not the jaw. He got a small fine tooth saw and started sawing bone away and suddenly realized he destroyed the possibility of returning the jaw and getting my money back. “Oh well”… He was transfixed on removing the tooth and nothing rational could stop him. He recognized he was acting from another level and surrendered to it.

At one point a large piece of enamel literally popped off the tooth, but it could be glued back later.

Finally the tooth was free. And then he noticed some small pieces of the root had flaked off. “Damn”… Hada then spent an hour or so sifting through the dirt underneath the table trying to find the missing pieces. He keep referring back to the shape of the negative space to refresh his memory of the complicated form he was looking for. It was like trying to find a little piece or pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a hundred thousand pieces of dirt, all somewhat the same size and color. Because he was so intent on finding the missing pieces, he was not registering the form the negative space suggested.

All of a sudden it was like a light came on. Hada realized the negative space was almost an exact profile of a chalice.  “A grail cup?”

The parts were all there—the cups volume, its stem and base—and in perfect proportion; all except the right side of the volume of the cup did not bulge out like the left. Other than that, it was a perfect representation of the classic grail cup. “What’s going on here!” then his mind took off. He remembered the story of the returning king; Portugal as “The Port of Gaul” or “Port of Grail”; a great stone that looks like a canine tooth that sits next to the “Palacio da Pena” on the sacred mountain of Sintra; the piece of enamel that popped off the tooth… “Exposing a doorway?” And all of this presented to him in a completely outrageous way. “What is being said to me?” “Is this impossible event suggesting to me that I might be the returning king?” “Is it verifying that our project “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” is indeed part of the destiny of Portugal suggested by it poets?”

That night Hada hardly sleep. He keep seeing the large crack in the tooth that went almost to its tip. He saw his spiral signature drawn on the side of the tooth with its climax stroke going right up the long crack in the enamel. He couldn’t wait until morning to see if indeed the crack was in the right place. It was like he was testing the tooth. If I could place his mark on the side of the tooth… then this amazing series of events was truly about him, his relation to Portugal’s destiny and the Palacio da Pena!

In the early morning, as soon as there was enough natural light, Hada grabbed a soft pencil and started to make his mark on the side of the tooth. The long crack lined up perfectly. He found a little blemish in the form of a crescent moon that aligned the central dot or bindu of his signature. The dot or star and the crescent moon formed a symbol of the “resh”, which is the basic design dynamics of the European Grail churches. And when he adjusted the spiral to start along side the negative form of the Grail cup and pass through cross hair like cracks superimposed on the root, he had a perfect signature of Hada… he who “walks the spiral path of the bear.”

He now knew it is up to him to expand the negative volume of a cup to obtain concentricity and cast a small positive form of a cup in pure gold to be inlayed into the negative space.

If you ever have any doubts as to the validity of what Hada’s doing, or how the complicated events of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” could possibly take place in the short amount of time before the Winter Solstice of 2012… look to this old bear tooth Hada now calls “The Key of Portugal.” Miracles can and will happen… and in ways impossible to predict… after all, we are merely actors playing out our bit parts in an unfathomable Lela (cosmic play) that is continually being written and rewritten by our past, present and future of this and other alternate realities… collectively.

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