Eagle Stone

The Eagle Stone

A gift
    to Hada
from an Eagle

front & back

It was Hada’s first visit to Colorado and he was a given a little tour. They were driving along side of the Cache La Poudre River on their way back from Rocky Mountain National Park when Hada noticed a large object in the trees on the other side of the river. He mentioned to his friend, “I think I saw a monkey in the trees”… but that didn’t sound possible… “Could we go back and check it out?” Coming down the second time, he spotted it again. This time they stopped and looking through his binoculars he saw there was a large dark object with protruding eyebrows intensely looking at him from the shadows of the trees. He was not sure what he was seeing and then, as if to help him out, the object turned its head showing its profile. Hada saw instantly that it was a Golden Eagle. “Its an Eagle!” he said excitedly. “I’m getting out!” This was the first Eagle he had seen in the wild.

Very slowly, never taking his eyes off the eyes that were intensely locked onto his, Hada opened the door and made his way over to an edge of a cliff that overlooked the Poudre and again, kneeling down, he brought the binoculars to his eyes. As the Eagle came into focus, it threw its shoulders back and simultaneously stretching his head and intensity forward, rose up and unfolded a six foot wingspan… which was greatly exaggerated in the magnification of Hada’s vision. Then without hesitation, with one subtle flap of its wings, the Eagle plunged forward into a graceful inverted arch, as he glided down, over the river, and then up and into Hada’s binoculars. Their eyes were locked, yet Hada could not help but see a thick white fluid flowing from the Eagles underside. When the Eagle completely filled Hada’s binoculars, it again showed its profile and turned down river and was out of sight almost immediately. Hada heard himself shouting, “He shit on a rock!” Hearing these words, he knew he must have that rock.

They found their way down the cliff and because it was still well before the spring thaw, the Cache was low and they crossed it quite easily. The string of white excrement ran from the waters edge up a sandy slope and pinnacled on a huge, two to three tons of exposed boulder. The rock was magnificent, but there was no way he could take this rock back to his home in Iowa. There must be another rock some ware along the silky string of poop. Then Hada noticed a little white lump about half way down the slope to the river. “Ah… there it is.” He started digging into the sand on either side of the protuberance and sure enough, his fingers found a stone buried vertically in the sand. He gently lifted it out, reveling a seven-inch Shiva Lingam with a silky white cap.

A few days later Hada prayed and sung, with the gift from the Eagle in his right hand, as he witnessed his first Lakota Sundance.

As time went by the stone’s white cap started flaking away to dust. In an attempt to honor the Eagles excrement, Hada cut a groove around the edge of the remaining stain. Later he was drawn to carve his spiral mark on one of the stone’s sides and drill three sets of three holes on the other. He made a little holster for it, so he could wear it on his belt when attending ceremony.

One afternoon, many years later, while enjoying a Navaho Kachina Dance on the Third Mesa of Hopi Land, a young Hopi boy asked Hada what was that that hung from his belt. Hada said it was a sacred stone. The young boy smiled and said that he had seen it before. Hada thought for a second… and then said, “ in a dream?” “Yes”… “It has some rounded marks on it,” the boy said as he traced a spiral in the air with his fingers, “And it has a bunch of holes on the other side.” Hada was taken back, since only the edges of the stone were exposed from his belt. There was no way the young boy or anyone else could know these things unless they actually had seen the stone out of its holster. Hada said, “When the Kachina’s take a break from dancing would you like to see the stone again?” The boy nodded his head. Later, the boy did confirm that this was indeed the stone in his dream. He didn’t have much to say about it, but they did exchanged names and addresses, which, sadly, Hada later misplaced. The Hopi boy would be in his early twenties by now. Hada did run this experience by Thoth/Tahuti sometime later. Tahuti said that Hada and the Hopi boy work together with the stone on another dimensional or alternate reality and it is the boy who is the master and Hada the student. Tahuti said it was very fortunate that they should met in this fallen reality and the boy will be working behind the scenes, for the betterment of things and they will probably not met again. Thoth then spoke to the healing qualities of the stone; its ability to draw negativity from a body into the stone.

Many years later when Hada & Hadani were living in Portugal, they loaned the Eagle Stone to a newfound friend for health and healing. Then, because of a unexpected downward turn in Hadani’s health the Hada’s suddenly left Portugal and returned to America before they could recover the stone. The stone stayed in Portugal for some time accompanying their friend’s expeditions to the Sacred Mountain of Sintra. Hada was very honored to remain connected to his friends and the Sacred Mountain in this way. On one such day, a dear friend of Hada, named Emidio, was running along a Sintra trail when he twisted his ankle badly and was in excruciating pain. He could not put any weight on his foot and since he and his friends were very far from their cars and not knowing what else to do at the time, they decided to meditate. Someone suggested that they should rest the Eagle Stone against his ankle while they went into silence. They placed the stone and then closed their eyes. Immediately, a vision of Hada came to Emidio. Hada was standing before him appearing three meters tall (over 9 feet) and with a concerned look on his face walked over and kneeling down, placed his hands on the injured ankle and the healing stone… A sweet time passed as the silence of the woods and minds of the mediators enhanced by the  vision of Hada subtlety working with the stone and ankle created a great calming in the demeanor of the injured man. Then suddenly the profound silence was interrupted when someone said… “Well, that’s all we can do here!” Eyes opened, visions ended… normal consciousness returned… and with that, Emidio became emotionally overwhelmed as he soon realized he was completely without pain. He said he felt as though he had been anesthetized. Then with some help, miraculously, he was able to walk all the way back to his car painlessly. He was sore the few days and went through a normal healing period, but the excruciating pain never resurfaced.

The Eagle Stone is now back home with Hada & Hadani, as it was returned to help with Hadani’s transition, which is another story.  A beautiful note from Portugal that paralleled the Stone’s return said:

Stones and Sintra are intimately related. Stones were brought here from abroad in distant times, as well as Sintra Stones did go to distant lands too. This exchange has had many different purposes and surly the fact that one particular such as this one—The Eagle Stone—stayed physically in the region more than one year, and ethereally, in the mountain, makes us all wonder about its purpose. Well, we know it left Sintra for therapeutical purposes but the reality of it seems to me to be even wider. I’ll try to explain:

Hadani’s consciousness seems to be a mirror image of the female archetype, which, nowadays, is getting weaker and weaker, as we all know, due to social and spiritual aspects of Kali Yuga. Our planet also holds this destiny. And Hadani incarnates it and by doing so she was presented two paths to choose from: the path of renew and the path of resign. She has chosen the first one. This means that she has the real power to hold intent over land, earth. The only thing she needs to be able to accomplish this is something to enable her to focus that same intent. In AR<T’s mission this is the pole that holds the disk. Now, it is the Eagle Stone, the spear that works for her, the male energy that she needs to point and shoot her intent. The target is her own self. She is simply looking for the perfect image of the center. The moment she marks it with her consciousness and Love intent over Creation, she will hear the prophecy of this planet. Sintra just charged her bow with the best arrow. Hadani is a fighter.


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