“White Flow”

White Flow


Hada’s personal staff

Cocobolo wood

7’ 2-3/8” long

I first saw Chartaka in
a vision...

It was as though I had no existence until that very moment. I found myself sitting in a lotus position in a cool mountain cave that over looked a large valley.  I sat there for a long time taking in the view.  I had the feeling that I was all there was. Then suddenly a large dark form rose up and looked intensely into my eyes. The form was a cobra and its hood was as large as my head. 

Simultaneously, when this image of the cobra came into my vision, I also experienced myself many lifetimes later, as a cowboy of the old west. I was sitting crossed legged in a dessert studying an agitated rattlesnake less than a foot in front of me coiled and about to strike. With lightning speed, I grabbed the snake just below the head with my left hand and forcefully stretching out his body with a snap with my right. I severed its spine.

As I was forcefully stretching out the rattlesnake, with a snap, in the dessert, the cobra laid down to my right and stretched itself out as straight as a staff and then became that staff.  The simultaneous vision in the dessert ended as I grabbed the staff and got up. I stood for a moment and then thoughtlessly proceeded to make my way down the mountain into the valley. The valley was warm compared to the cave, yet it was equally austere. It had little or no vegetation and was dead flat, except for some surrounding mountains in the distance.  After walking for a time, I came to a large lake that appeared very shallow. Suddenly a large being arose from the lake. It had thousands of heads on snake like necks and no body. It was some distance away, yet it towered well above me. For a time we studied each other. This incredible diversity and me, this individual unity of all there was, were deciding, each in our own way, if it would allow the other to live. I decided that it should live. This was my first personal decision. It was at this time that I first saw Chartaka. During the confrontation my staff had become a lance.



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