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Grandmother of Magic,
mother of the Greeks'
Enlightened One, Hermes...
She personifies the powers of
transformation and material
'appearances,' the same
powers attributed to Maya-
Kali, who made the universe
by her magic. Greek writers
 called Maia one of the Pleiades,
but also understood that she
was the Great Goddess of
Maytime festivals, of the
renewaal and rebirth of
the dead.

In Atlantis, Maia was
represented by a celestial
harp upon which was strung
the notes of "Awakening,"
calling the soul home to the
Eternal Home or Cosmic

The Mother Divine of
Heaven’s Stepping Stones
bringing forth ”Maia”
from the Atlantean/Celtic/
Greek Tradition.


Maia Christianne Nartoomid+
Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

Maia+ has been involved
consciously in spiritual work
since the age of 17. She has
written and published works
containing her perspectives
of the Akashic Record and
feels she is guided by her
inner-planes mentor, Thoth
Hermes. She does spriritual
and akashic counciling and
sprit art

Maia is an ordained priest in
the Church of Antioch and a
co-founder of the Church of
the Holy Flame
in Santa Fe,
New Mexico.



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