The power of the all-
pervading Perserver Vishnu,
is represented as the power
of multiplicity or Goddess of
Fortune, She-of-the-Hundred-
Thousands. She is also the
Goddess of Beauty and is then
known as Sri.  In the social
aspect, Laksmi is the symbol
of woman. In Hindi the
housewife is called ‘Grihalaksmi’.
There can’t be happiness and
prosperity in the life of a family
until the ‘Grihalaksmi’ is a
‘Grihalaksmi ‘ in a true sense.

The Mother Divine of
Heaven’s Stepping Stones
bringing forth ”Laksmi”
from the Vedic Tradition.

Annee Laird
Crestone, Colorado USA

Annee is a Mother of three
and a Grandmother of
seven? She is a full time
volunteer at the
Haidakandi Universal Ashram.

She is a devotee of
Shri Babaji.



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