Residing in the Heart.
Because she is to be
contemplated as in the
heart. The Kalpa-Sutra
says: “He who knows the
heart of the Lord finds
happiness at every step.”
Hrdaya also means the
seed of the universe.  Just
as a great Banyan tree is
contained potentially in a
tiny seed, so the animate
and inanimate universe
resides as a seed in the

The Mother Divine of
Heaven’s Stepping Stones
bringing forth ”Hrdayastha”
from the Vedic Tradition.

Caroline Zeman
Colorado Springs,
Colorado USA

Caroline’s great heart
nurtured Hada & Hadani
through many difficult
times. She unceasingly
watered the seed of
“Heaven’ s Stepping Stones”
long before its actual

Caroline is the Western
Coordinator of The Art Of
Living Foundation

She is a devotee of
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.



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