Why, using gold?
  • Gold has such a bad connotation.
        Why are you using Gold?                                     


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Yes, we certainly have given
gold a bad name. Grandfather
Wallace Black Elk
makes it
quite clear when He states:
...“and that gold you mentioned
is the blood of the Mother Earth,
but is misused.  In the name of
making destructive tools like
atomic bombs, hydrogen,
neutron, laser beams.  So that
fear... that doubt... goes around
the Universal Mind.  It
contaminates the minds.”

Yet, gold in and by itself, without the imposition of ego’s greed, is a very unique material.  I intuitively feel that gold, although very physical, can and does transcend this physical realm.  I strongly feel that the gold in the Golden Discus Ring will act an interface linking our earthly intent and Heaven’s desire.

The Enochian Master named “Thoth/Tehuti” obviously condoned my choice of gold when in conclusion to his comments about our project “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” he states:

...“In conclusion, be aware that the gold employed in the physical crafting of the Golden Lotus Discus will be of transmuted quality. In order to achieve the right vibrational essence for this transmutation, it must be collected from all parts of the world, from sacred places that will offer gifts of ancient gold.

In subsequent dialogues with Thoth/Tehuti, it was made clear that the gold used in the Golden Discus Ring and the duplicate petals given to “Heaven’s Stepping Stones’ One Thousand Mother Divine” would not have to be derived solely from sacred places. He said as long as there was a good tithing of ancient gold, the right vibrational essence would be achieved and the desired transmutation accomplished.



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