Why, so long?
  • I understand Heaven’s Stepping Stones was cognized in 1989, so why is it taking so long to come to its fruition?


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“An old Zen story”

An affluent couple approached
one of the great artists of their
time, a living treasure of Japan,
and commissioned a painting of
a butterfly.

Many years passed without a word from the artist...

Then one day, the artist arrived at their door and stated he was ready to paint the butterfly. 

Ceremoniously, placing a piece of fine paper on their immaculate floor, he went down on one knee, and with a few economic strokes of his brush, placed a beautiful butterfly on the paper.

The couple were in awe... yet confused.  Shyly they approached the artist and asked,  “It took you but a moment to paint this butterfly. Why did you wait so long?”

The Master, placing a surprised look upon his face, responded saying,                             

“I had to become a butterfly!”

To answer this question more directly...

Hada & Hadani must complete a metamorphic transformation of high-spiritual/ar<tistic-qualification before they can access the divine grace reserved for this project.

Also, Humanity itself must make certain decisions in the direction of breaking out of its cocoon before Heaven’s Stepping Stones has a chance of being realized.

Yet... On a level of Reality not encumbered by the weight and inertia of 3D reality and the awkwardness of liner time filled with the greed of egos, the fully saturated Golden Discuss Ring already shines high in the sky.  The piece has been realized.  The Earth is revolving around our beautiful intent and Heaven is already dancing in and amongst us. Humanity, as the Ar<tist, has completed its creation and having stepped into that creation is already working on its next piece.

So have patience and enjoy the slow solidity of the medium we have chosen to use at this time. Use this gift of time to wake up and being your own ancestor, add your special touch to this, Heaven, your birth.



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