See the mountain?
  • How does a man like you see the Mountain?

I (Hada) see the mountain called Sintra as a specialized node of facilitation regarding the evolution of this conscious being called Earth. I relate Sintra and the Lusitanian’s—people of light—that are gathering around her, to the specific mechanics of “Waking from a Dream.” The Earth is reaching a point in her cycle of dreaming when it is time for her to awaken to a purer and more complete form of conscious expression. To accomplish this, all thought forms must turn their attention from the alluring illusion they have been playing, growing and dying in and “INTEND” a higher, purer medium of expression and growth. Sintra contains the hardware and the Lusitanian’s are the developing software. Together they will work to initiate a bold awakening of the whole into a reality or medium of expression that is not encumbered by a Dualistic Reality—with all its complicated illusions of ownership and separateness within a mortal linear-flow of time.

  • And the Mountain related to Portugal?

It has been said, that Portugal has yet to fulfill its destiny.  Her destiny, as I see it, is to lead the world into an awakening or discovering beyond anything she has accomplished in the past. Again by looking toward the Ocean—“The Source”— and following her nose—“Sintra”—Portugal will motivate the heart of “The Ar<tist”—the highest dharma of Humanity—into creating its masterpiece: The awakening of “Heaven on Earth.”





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