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I am the
personification of
a dynamic bundle
of abstract energy,
designed to enhance
the flow of Dharma
—the will of God—
due to
a delicate blend of
intellect and intuition
brought to fruition as
symbolized intention
The Work of Art
—the Artist—



A short list of the truly significant “moments of decision” which has shaped Hada’s life.

  • 1959... Standing by a flagpole at San Francisco City College, realizing he couldn’t please everybody, he decided to find, and then become, who he really was.
  • 1961... Married his first wife Jacqueline Fairborn who inspired him to take his life seriously and pursue a career as an artist.
  • 1967... Starting meditation and spending two weeks in the early 70’s with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he finally understood the profound dharma of being an artist.
  • 1972... Completing the “My First Car” series, a six year task, he completed the building of his ego.
  • 1981... He met and then married, 1983, Suzanne Peters who brought back Shakti into his life and inspired him to enter Sagehood,
  • 1985... He & his wife “entered the Forrest,,” living a more committed and austere spiritual life by leaving the so-called security of the status quo.
  • 1987... He destroyed the “My First Car” series realizing that his ego had to take a back seat.
  • 1989... He cognized the piece “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” as a preparation for his true birth.
  • 1990... He changed his and his wife’s names to Hada & Hadani as mandated by Shiva, his true father.
  • Next... God willing, he will take the “Golden Discuss Ring” on an all encompassing pilgrimage to gather up Humanity’s intention for the descent of “Heaven on Earth” in preparation for our true birth.

August 2005


the profundity
of your Dharma
and live there

Don’t let the
mundane of life
hide this Reality

Remain silent
to the mundane
and dynamic
to Dharma


The Traditional Resume

Hada was Born October 5, 1936, in San Francisco, California. His given name was Donald Edwin Potts (Don Potts).

He recieved an A.A. in Commercial Art at San Francisco City College, San Francisco , California, USA, 1959; a B.A. in Painting, San Jose State College, San Jose, California, USA, 1963; did Graduate work at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA 1964; and recieved an
M.A. in Sculpture at San Jose State Collage, San Jose, California, USA, 1965

Hada is a Sidha (Yogic flyer) of the Vedic tradition, studying with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi since 1967.

He has completed a four year pledge as a Wica Wiwang Wacipi (Sundancer) of the Lakota tradition.

He is a Keeper of the C’anupa (carrier of the Sacred Pipe).

He is a Staff Carrier.

He is an Artist of International Stature. His professional achievements (under the name of Don Potts) include, but are not limited to:

  • Twenty-four one-man shows, eleven of which were in major museums within the United States and Europe, including: The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; The Whitney Museum of American Art. New York City; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.
  • Presentations of his work in numerous invitational exhibits in museums and galleries within the United States and Europe, including: Documenta 6, Kasel, Germany;  Jenseits der Strassenverkehtsordnung, Stadtische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf; Young American Sculpture, New York World’s Fair, New York City; Eccentric Abstraction, Fishback Gallery, New York City; West Coast Now, Portland Art Museum, Portland— M.H. de Young Museum, San Francisco—Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Painting and Sculpture in California: The Modern Era, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C; The First Artists’ Soap Box Derby, San Francisco Museum of Art, McLaren Park, San Francisco.
  • Feature articles dedicated to his Art have appeared in Artform, Arts and Architecture, Artweek, Geijutsu Seikatsu (Japan) and other magazines such as Road and Track.
  • Previews/reviews in Artform, Art in America, Art International, Newsweek, Time, Kultur und Technik (Germany), and most major newspapers in the U.S.
  • Presentations or mentions in dozens of articles on contemporary art.
  • Presentations in numerous books on the subject of art, including: Who’s Who in American Art, Jaques Cattell; American Sculpture in Process, Wayne Anderson; Sunshine Muse—Contemporary Art on the West Coast, Peter Plagens; The Arts of the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-1980, Thomas Albright.
  • Receipt of numerous grants and awards, including: a one-year National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship; a one-year grant from the Deutscher Academischer Austauschdienst, West Berliner Künstlerprogram; and a one-year Lewis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant.
  • Representation in the following Public Collections: Die Berlinische Galerie, West Berlin; The Pasadena Art Museum, California; The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California; The Oakland Art Museum, California; The La Jolla Museum of Art, California; The Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska; The Sheldon Memorial Gallery, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Fourteen years of full-time teaching at the university level, including seven as an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley.
  • Operated a Architectural Model Making business creating models for Skidmore Owings & Merrill’s office in San Francisco and a series of complex models for The American Institute of Architecture’s Centennial: exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Art.

In 1990, He (known as Don Potts) successfully reached a mature stage in the development of a series of prophetic dreams, spanning more than 25 years, speaking to his development personally, and that of an Artist. At the close of this dream, Lord Shiva came forward with this auspicious mandate and boon: “Your name is now “Hădă.

Hada is also known as “ Walks the Spiral Path of the Bear,” a name given to him by the Sun.

Hada was also given the name “Ser Ki Korlo” (Wheel of Gold or Golden Wheel) by His Holiness Orgyen, Kusum Lingpa, The most highly regarded Rimpoche, of the Nyinganapa Order, still living in Tibet.

In November of 2003, Hada and Hadani accepted an invitation to live on Christer and Margareta Cederroth’s estate as resident elders. A position they held for approximately 3 years.

On or about Hada’s 70th birthday, 2006, Hada & Hadani moved to Fairfield Iowa after accepting a grant from “The Howard & Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible United States of America.” They will be practicing advanced forms of Yogic Meditation 7 hours a day in the Golden Domes of MUM as well as continuing to pursue AR<T’s project “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.” The grant is indefinite.


It’s the fall of my life…
I sit in timeless meditation

Outside the tree shakes
in the proverbial storm

Thoughts and memories
fray in the wind

Frigid coherence replaces
tattered realities

Silence and brilliance
brings winter

Yet winter
will also transform

Invincibility will
Spring Forth a new form

Soon… I will become
truly transparent

Dharma will continue
being seasonless

And again
I will recreate myself



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