Walks The Spiral

Walks the Spiral Path of the Bear

Hada had been using the above spiral as a signature for many years.  To him it meant, “One who goes to the source and then acts.” Of course, he thought, one never quite reaches the center... one just circles it. Later, he realized that his wife Hadani was the center or Bindu and yes... he could not reach the center, but through Hadani the center could indeed reach him

One winter he was moved to carve his personal sign or signature on the frozen pond that lie directly in front of his little house in Fairfield, Iowa. By removing a fresh carpet of snow that following the line of the spiral, he created  a frozen path he could easily traverse in the sub zero weather. Each morning he would walk the spiral with his C’anupa (sacred pipe) and upon reaching the central ring and he would ask if he could enter the Bindu and then he’d step into the central spot and pray.

As the winter passed, he became increasing aware that a name was approaching him A name coming from nature herself.  A name expressing his relationship with her and it had to do with the spiral.

One afternoon, towards spring, when everything was beginning to melt, he again walked the spiral and upon reaching the central ring, he found himself looked back admirably at the spiral he had created.  He was reflecting upon his walks and prayers when suddenly these words over shadowed his thoughts, “WALKS THE SPIRAL PATH OF THE BEAR.”  The name!... he had received the name. Then, just as suddenly, his attention was  drawn to a black vulture floating at a standstill in the western sky. The vulture’s forward motion was soaring north at the exact speed as the northern wind that was blowing south and he remained fixed in a frozen position observing the scene below him. Just behind him and slightly above, a red tailed hawk slightly wobbled as she also held her position.

Hada’s attention turned back to the spiral and before a thought would form, something again caught his eye.  The red tail had broke formation and was diving directly at him He could not see her forward movement because she was coming directly at him She just kept appearing larger. At the point when she reached the trees surrounding his pond, the hawk made a broad sweeping turn toward the southwest and rose up until she melted into the sun. He kept looking into the sun with eye almost shut peering through a little hole made by his fingers, waiting to see her emerge from the direct path she was taking. Finally she left the line between his eyes and the Sun and flew east as a tiny spot that quickly disappeared from sight.

Hada had received his name from his old friend, the Sun... He thanked the Hawk for the message and smiled lovingly at the Sun. No words needed.


Sundance skirt

The  tracks are
of a grizzly bear.


Hada’s Tipi skin



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