Name H & H

Hada & Hadani  

Shiva taking onto himself
that which has become his own

A visual depiction of the name Hada

Nadi (the bull), Shiva’s vehicle, brings Ganapati (the Lord of all catagories)
to the self realized Sadu (spiritual seeker


In Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas, “dă” means to bestow, “hă” means abandonment. Hada, through the conceptual work, “Heaven’s Stepping Stones” asks Humanity to abandon notions of time and ownership as a prerequisite for Heaven’s descent.


Also, in Sanskrit, “ădă” means to bestow upon ones self as “ă” is the feminine, the silent essence. “H” means Shiva consciousness, the known or concrete awareness of the essence. The essence (the indescribable) bestows unto itself (collapses onto itself) the knowledge or mirrored manifestation of that very essence (the describable). Another words, “Art Realized from Totality.”

Or... One could simply say that the second look at the name Hada means, Shiva taking on to himself (through Hada) that which has become his own.

Hada feels that Shiva, in giving him this name, has given credence to his vision of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones,” which Hada feels he holds on behalf of all humanity. When someone says, “Hello Hada,” it is like they have spoken a mantra pronouncing his success.


To honor his wife, Hada added the suffix “ni” to his name and gave it to her. She was thrilled as Hadani means the “The giver of life to or the breath of Hada”. Both Hada & Hadani are indeed the same individual. They have the same name; they just appear as two. One name represents the shell, the other its essence—Shiva/Shakti. It has been said that Shiva is mearly an empty shell without his Shakti.



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