W Buehler

William (Bill) Buehler

William Buehler has
devoted the last 33 years
to understanding the complex
geometry of the RESHEL
dynamics and cosmology,
so pertinent to our current
situation of earth changes.

My ministry is one of study into the ‘Mysteries’, sharing what I've found and applying the relevant dynamics in group process. The "group process" might loosely be described as a "super prayer group" or just as loosely as a "light group." Certainly every prayer group is effective but I think that some can be more efficient than others. I believe that humans are co-creators with the Divine and that we each have a responsibility to that effort insofar that each is able.

“I am interested in training people in forming a synergic unity within the physical realm also unified with relevant agencies in the dimensions of Spirit ...the "Above as Below" idea. The synergism idea also suggests creating a group with the capacity for maximum complexity accomplished through becoming the Absolute Simplicity (or Unmanifest God).

“My study then is in discovering the kinds of unified formats both in terms of energy forms and the aspects of consciousness.

“Associated areas of cross-study involve investigating sacred geometry, temple and Earth grid design appropriate to human evolution at this time. This also overlaps into archetypal symbolism used in scripture as well as in actual dreams and visions. The cosmology must include reincarnation, formation of light bodies, multi dimensions, spanning nonlinear time, time gates, all psychic experience, etc. ...and That beyond knowing. That too has its no-place and the holding of the Stillpoint ("Selah" in Hebrew) centering the only reality.”

For an Bills graphics, paintings etc. go to:

To contact Rev. William Buehler
email: roslinne@ctelco.net
Woodrose of the Channels, PO Box 339, Crestone, CO 81131 USA
phone: 719 256 4920



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