A projection onto a
3 dimensional form
of Para Prakriti,
the 8 Prakrities
& the flow of Para
Prakriti (the 9th)
towards Parusa
(the 10th) from
the void (zero).

This is a screen
shot made during
the process of
designing the:

“Golden Discus Ring.”

AR<T is developing an “instrument” in the
form of a monumental work of conceptual and
realized Art... designed to influence Dharma, at
its moment of decision
, for the highest—most
Heavenly outcome—of the up and coming
dimensional shift in our levels of consciousness.

AR<T will also attempt to gather the tribes of
Humanity and pass, with collective intention,
what has remained, or has remembered,
as “Dharmic” into this new life form.

This monumental work of AR<T is known as:

“Heaven’s Stepping Stones”

“I will go to immortality!

And I will take all those I love!”

The Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait

This ancient space... remaining cold and pure within the Arctic climate, solid as granite, dynamic as flowing plates of thick ice, bordering the edge of today and tomorrow, with the Chukchi people as its keeper... sets the stage for a unique transformational gift to our future.

This web site is dedicated to chronicling the ongoing quest of Hada and Hadani as they follow the subtle path guiding them towards the enfoldment of “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.” Hada and Hadani are in reality living life as Sanyasies, meaning, “by the grace of God.” The AR<T Foundation, a public supported charity, was created to raise the great amounts capitol required for an undertaking as large and as monumental as “Heaven’s Stepping Stones.”



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